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The beauty of a man depends on the shape of his forehead
Important in the formation of the head and the human face is its «heavenly part» – brow of old, who was considered one of the main decorations of the face. To create the impression of great height of the forehead, in the old days, Japanese woman shaves her eyebrows and painted them on the level of the hair.  It is known that the frontal bone is formed under the pressure of the growing brain and all its convolutions, taking over time one or another configuration. Therefore, the development of the brain affects the shape of the skull, forehead and face, but apparently there is some truth in the words of AS Pushkin: «I have heard the truth experienced that forehead is broad, but little brain!».
Racial characteristics of face
The basis of division by race are a few morphological features. Under the current classification of division by race is held on the so-called anthropo-geographical and color. There are three major races – Caucasoid, – This includes people with fair skin, Negroid, and its representatives have black skin and Mongoloid – the yellow race. Each group is divided into subgroups, characterized by certain features, but they are based on anthropological and geographical influence (Fig. 6).  The representatives of the same race shape of the head and face has something in common, but there are exceptions, and expressed.
Features of female and male faces
Those men and women differ on a number of features. They should not be confused with individual characteristics.    For example, a woman's face in the middle of the wide and low, the mouth, usually small, thin nose. Men face wider at the bottom of the lower jaw is massive, the chin is marked clearly. Also, the person as a whole seems elongated, the nose in the proportional relationship with the person as a whole looks small. On the other hand, it is clear that a woman's head is smaller than men's, its shape is more regular egg shape, facial features more subtle, not like speakers and angular, like the representatives of the stronger sex (to some extent this is due to the presence of subcutaneous adipose tissue ).
Sexual and racial characteristics of the skull, head and face
Size and shape of the skull depends on sex, age, individual characteristics, racial and ethical accessories (ritual artificial cranial deformation, adopted by some nations).    Differences in the skeleton of the head of adult men and women belonging to one racial group is not immediately apparent, but difficult to identify the relevant dimensions of the sex of the skull.    Prior to the onset of puberty and sexual peculiarities of the skeleton of the head is weak, but the skull of adults may be relatively easy to determine who – man or woman – he belongs.
The man\'s face - beauty secrets
Person is a department of the human head, located on the hairy part to the chin and limited to the lateral surfaces of the temporo-auricular and buccal regions. From a topographical point of view, represented by several isolated zones: frontal, supraorbital, ushno-mastoid, eye, infraorbital, zygomatic, nasal, upper and nizhnegubnuyu, mouth, cheek and chin. Each of these zones is some information not only on the face, but also about its owner. In the face area are concentrated most important and most complex sensory organs, as well as various kinds of sensitive innervation, since the optical system and ending with tactile sensitivity.

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