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Bilateral fracture in the chin department
In clinical practice, such a fracture is quite rare. Fracture line at the same place in the canines. By the middle fragments (smaller) are attached only to the muscles that drive the lower jaw, which is responsible for its shift downwards and backwards, if the oblique angle of the fracture gap in the front is directed inwards and backwards, ie line fracture on the outer compact disc is closer, and on the interior – more towards the middle line. Alveolar part with the teeth on that fragments bends outwards.
Fracture of the skull base
The base of the skull is weakened by numerous holes, through which the blood vessels and nerves. With a skull fracture is a fracture line in the field of least resistance, which results in the ambiguity of its location. Therefore, it is worth recalling what the holes are located in the anterior and middle cranial fossa, within which may undergo fracture at the base of the skull in patients with fracture of the upper jaw.  In the anterior cranial fossa are:  • ethmoid ethmoid plate (lamina cribrosa ossis etmoidalis) with numerous holes in it through which the olfactory filaments;  • blind hole (foramen coecum), which communicates with the nasal cavity;  • Spotting a hole (foramen opticum), which passes through the optic nerve.


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