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Fracture of alveolar process
 Isolated fracture of the alveolar process is the result of an inflection or shift in the place of application of force. Most widespread classification of fractures of the alveolar process, developed KS Sound (1968). According to this classification are the following types of fractures:  ▲ partial – the line of fracture passes through the outer part of the alveolar process; fracture occurs outside of a compact disc within the wells of several teeth and part of the interdental partitions;  ▲ part – the line of fracture in the form of cracks through the entire thickness of the alveolar process, capturing the outer and inner compact discs, sponge, displacement of fragments does not occur;  ▲ complete – two vertical lines of fracture united by one horizontal and pass through the entire thickness of the alveolar process;  ▲ comminuted – the line of fractures intersect in several directions;  ▲ to the bone defect – separation of broken alveolar bone.
Treatment of patients with fracture of the tooth
 Treatment of patients with fracture of the crown of the tooth is aimed at restoring the lost crown of the tooth tissue. In the case of fracture of the tooth at the cervical orthopedic methods of reconstructing the lost crown a more promising, if the fracture line passes over extragingival attachment (making pins tooth crowns Stump). Sometimes to implement the plan of orthopedic treatment appropriate excision of the edges of the mucous membrane. In the literature there are indications of the effectiveness of orthodontic preparation for orthopedic treatment.


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