Treatment of patients with fracture of alveolar process
Under the conduction anesthesia is necessary reponirovat otlomok and install it in the correct position. In this case the fingers is fixed and the health section of the alveolar process in order to make sure we do not further break the mucous membrane and periosteum, which is essential for the outcome of treatment. Immobilization of fragments can be accomplished through a smooth tire-bracket, if the undamaged portion of the alveolar process has a sufficient number of stable teeth (at least 2-3 on each side of the line of fracture).
Fracture of tooth root
Fracture of the root of the tooth may occur near the neck of the tooth, in its central part, on the border of the middle and apical thirds, near the top. The direction of fracture lines often cross, rarely slightly oblique. It passed through the cement, the dentin, the tooth pulp. If the fracture line of two or more, to speak of comminuted fractures of the root. According NM Chupryninoy et al. (1993), the roots of incisors often break between the middle and apical third (69.0%), equally often – in the neck and middle (14.
Fracture of tooth crown
Fracture of crown of the tooth may occur within the enamel, which often breaks off crown angle; enamel and dentin with or without exposure of the outcrop koronkovoi pulp, enamel, dentine and cement – broke off all the bits in the cervical region along the enamel-dentinovoy border. With palatal side fabric cleave at an acute angle, with the vestibular – at right. The level of passing through the fracture determines the value of the Snap-Off crown and the ratio of the wound surface to pulpovoy chamber.
Fracture of tooth
Causes of tooth fracture are the same and cause dislocation. In addition, the crown of the upper teeth can be broken when removing the lower teeth with pliers, when conducting traction of the tooth, the doctor accidentally strikes a blow with the tongs in the teeth of the upper jaw. Fracture can occur in any part of the tooth. Chance broke off part of the crown without opening the cavity of the tooth and with the discovery of her, broke off all the crowns, the fracture of the root at a different level, change crowns and roots simultaneously.


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