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Indications and contraindications for the implantation
Indications and contraindications for implantation is set on the basis of general medical history and examination, assessment of emotional status and dental status of the patient. INDICATIONS Indications for dental implantation are: 1. Single defects dentition, when implantation would avoid dissection adjacent to the defect of the teeth. 2. Included defects of dentition, when using the implant can be avoided dissection limiting defect teeth and removable prosthesis. 3. Limit the defects of dentition in which implants allows for removable prosthesis.
Advantages of laser implantation
More and more people who dared to the implantation of teeth, choose laser implantation. When laser implantation is possible to limit the painkillers, which means that the operation would be more gentle and painless. Laser implantation is usually performed under local anesthesia and lasts no more than an hour. In the course of the operation of the laser beam is used as a surgical instrument, which is characterized by greater security, accuracy and speed. The procedure for implantation using a laser beam passes completely bloodless, because the laser coagulates excising tissue, gives better access to the surfaces where the implant will be installed.
Periimplantit - a complication after implantation of teeth
Dental implant failure associated with multiple factors. They include as an integral component of the implant and surrounding tissue structures. The need for corrective procedures are often determined in the process of clinical evaluation of dental status in patients with dental implants at: mobility of the prosthetic design drawing on the implant; mobility of the artificial support; traumatic occlusion; broken or lost components of the dental implant; inflammation / infection; progressive loss of hard and soft tissues around the implant; presence of pain; neuropathy / paresthesia.


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