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New prosthetics! Nylon prosthesis.
Nylon prosthesis elastic, durable, flexible and most resistant to any pressures. For all its features nylon material for prosthetics exceeds all existing materials in dentistry. Color prosthesis does not change over time, does not need refinishing. Nylon is a well-cleaned, do not cause allergies, he has no monomer. Nylon prosthesis retains its characteristics in different operating conditions, with high humidity, exposure and at constant cyclic stresses. Such a prosthesis negigroskopichen, that is not absorbed the flora of the oral cavity.
Secure Prosthesis micro locks
Dentistry is based on two types of prosthetics – the traditional bridge and adhesive systems. The first method is that it is necessary to put the bridge, requiring pre-turning two healthy teeth, which should serve as support for the artificial. The second method – modeling of the tooth is directly in the mouth of the light-cured composite materials and podkleivanie it to standing next to the teeth with fiberglass beams. Above all, there is a method – implantation. Instead of a missing tooth implanting an implant and a crown put on him.


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