Treatment of quinsy popular funds
For the treatment of quinsy can use various tools made according to recipes below.  Antipyretic solution  At high temperature in a glass of hot water should dissolve 30 g of honey, add the juice of half a squeezed lemon. Drink in 2 hours with an interval of 30 minutes.  Tea Balm  Tea has a balm for sore throat weakened organism salutary influence. To make it, must be mixed in equal parts of St. John’s wort, oregano, anise, green or black tea, mint, thyme, valerian, brew and drink in the usual way – as a tea and add honey instead of sugar.
Treatment of quinsy with bee products
Treatment of quinsy with bee products  To bee products include honey, propolis, etc. All of them are very useful for the organism, have anti-inflammatory and tonic, and can be used not only for the treatment of quinsy, but also for its prevention.  Probably no one who would not hear of such a unique natural product, honey. Since childhood, many remember him special, either with the incomparable taste, when they were given cold drink warm milk with sweet honey. Since the beginning of its existence, first, people used honey not only as food but also as a remedy.
Treatment of quinsy with hydrogen peroxide
 Treatment of quinsy with hydrogen peroxide  Hydrogen peroxide (H202) has long been used in medicine as a disinfectant and deodorant means. They treated the wounds and inflamed skin or mucous membranes. In cosmetics peroxide is often used for cleaning and whitening face, as well as bleaching and coloring hair.  Meanwhile, in the last century were studies of intravenous infusions of hydrogen peroxide. First, experiments conducted on animals, but in the beginning of XX century.
Treatment of quinsy with kerosene, treatment of quinsy with kerosene
For the treatment of quinsy can use various means of both traditional and folk medicine.  At the first sign of the disease should call a doctor who prescribed the appropriate treatment, otherwise the disease can lead to various complications.  During treatment quinsy should closely follow the recommendations of the designated doctor. In this case, is usually required to adhere strictly to bed, take only semi-liquid food, so as not to injure the inflamed tonsils. It is also recommended drinking liquids: lemon tea, warm milk, natural fruit juices, warm alkaline mineral water.


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