Types of toothbrushes
he toothbrush is the main tool for removing sediment from the surface of the teeth and gums. It is known that the peoples of Asia, Africa and South America have used devices such as a toothbrush, another 300-400 years BC. e. Toothbrushes were used in Russia around the XVIII century. Currently, there are many models of toothbrushes whose mission is to remove plaque from smooth and occlusal surfaces of teeth. The toothbrush consists of a handle and working parts (heads) with located on her beams setae.
Which is better? Electric or manual toothbrush?
I think every one of you ever thinking about what toothbrush better than usual, or electric. A group of researchers from Edinburgh Dental Institute, headed by Dr Chris Diri, analyzed published over the past 40 years, the materials on the use of conventional and electric toothbrushes. For the sum of the results of all conducted at any test, which involved more than 2 thousand people, it became clear that conventional toothbrushes in no way inferior to popular now, electric toothbrush. Normal toothbrush also copes well with a plaque and gum disease, as well as electric.


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