Because of what appears periodontitis?

Because of what appears periodontitis?
Periodontitis – an inflammation of the supporting apparatus of the tooth caused by bacterial plaque deposits (plaques) on the teeth and gums. If these attacks are not addressed systematically and thoroughly when cleaning your teeth, then they have formed a dental stone, hardening with time and seedling “in the depth of the gums.

Extragingival There are pockets where bacteria can easily multiply, because these places are inaccessible to the toothbrush. If time does not recognize the disease begins atrophy of the reference apparatus of the tooth, the teeth lose their association with the alveoli and fall. Often this disease is called “periodontitis”, is an outdated concept for non-inflammatory process of bone atrophy of the jaw. In contrast, in periodontitis it is primarily about the inflammatory process.

How to recognize periodontitis

Healthy gum tissue is light pink color without any visible to the naked eye “tochechek.

She did not bleed when cleaning teeth, of course, provided that you brush your teeth correctly and use appropriate for this toothbrush. In contrast, inflamed gum tissue is dark-red color and often bleeds at the slightest touch to her toothbrush.

Also, if you had the feeling that your teeth have become “longer” or their necks were bared, it may indicate begun periodontitis.

If you often unpleasant taste in the mouth or an unpleasant smell, the reason for this may be unrepaired strikes and got stuck in the teeth of the remains of food in the tooth spacing or extragingival pockets. Both can lead to periodontitis.

So once you’ve found bleeding teeth, exposure of the necks of the teeth, bad breath or bad taste in your mouth, visit your dentist immediately.

Help with periodontitis

The dentist will remove the raids on the surfaces of teeth and tooth-intervals, which – depending on the severity of the disease – you have to repeatedly and for long periods to sit in a dentist’s chair. The doctor will explain to you how to properly brush their teeth, so that you continue nor lead to plaque. Under local anesthesia, he will clear from dental plaque upper parts of the roots of teeth. If periodontitis has gone far enough, your doctor will make an even cut the gums to remove the raids under them.

After that, they will be raised, made cleaning the tooth under them and then sewn. Undesirable, but, unfortunately, the inevitable result of treating gum disease in this way will be clearly visible lack of closure of the teeth and gums arising as a result of this increased sensitivity of naked necks of the teeth. However, these changes will be transient in nature, since they are caused by swelling of the gums slowly healing.

At the initial stage of periodontitis, you can have if properly clean your teeth go a long way to prevent the further development of the disease: in a few weeks, the inflammatory process can completely pass.

Please, more frequent examination by a doctor, if you had periodontitis, that he arose again from you. The doctor will remove the existing raids and check whether you brush your teeth.
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