What is contained in toothpastes?
Toothpastes need to remove the soft plaque, food debris, be pleasant to taste, have a good deodorizing and refreshing effect and have no side effects: mestnorazdrazhayuschego and allergenic. The main components of toothpastes are abrasive, gelling and blowing agents, as well as perfumes, dyes and substances that improve the taste of toothpaste. The effectiveness of brushing your teeth depends on the abrasive component pastes, which provide cleaning and polishing action. Abrasive substances react with inorganic tooth enamel.
Choose your method of cleaning teeth
Leading component of the prevention of dental diseases is oral hygiene. Systematic cleaning of teeth, removal of soft dental deposits contribute to the physiological process of maturation of tooth enamel. Biologically active components of hygiene (tooth pastes and elixirs) enrich the tooth and periodontal tissue salts, phosphates, calcium, trace elements, vitamins, increasing their resistance to harmful influences. Regular massage gums during brushing contributes to the activation of metabolic processes, improve blood circulation in the periodontal tissues.


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