How much do bracket system?
Would you like to install a bracket system, but can not even imagine how much it will cost you? We can help you. Bracket systems differ not only in quality, material, and cost. But do not forget that in some dental clinics in the price of braces and treatment, which will be conducted by a doctor, shared. And the cost of the treatment depends on the degree of malocclusion. Metal braces are the most inexpensive, the average price for them is about 10,000 rubles. If you need more modern metal bracket system, for example, self-regulating or gold, respectively, then the price for them will rise somewhat.
Care bracket system
Well, you and set a bracket system, tending to beautiful and healthy teeth. But do not relax, there is still a lot of difficulties because of the braces need proper and thorough care. Do not forget the best possible to observe good personal hygiene, specifically oral hygiene. Ask the attending to make you an individual hygiene program, let your dentist will show you how to take care of your mouth using intraoral of attached structures. For the health of your mouth you will need an arsenal of devices, in addition to regular toothbrush, you need a special brush with a V-shaped notch on the bristles to clean the surfaces of the dentition, which is installed bracket system, and floss for cleaning the interdental spaces, cone-shaped brushes in order to effectively clean the surface of the teeth, which closes access to the power arc.
Malocclusion - bracket system
There are several ways to correct malocclusion. In addition, to correct the situation, you can use dental surgery, but with the help of modern bracket systems that will make your teeth perfectly straight and correct malocclusion. Braces – a huge selection of different accessories for beauty and health of teeth. They differ in color, materials and forms. Bracket system – a small locks, fastening to the teeth with special glue. A bracket has a groove, which passes orthodontic arch, which has «shape memory».


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