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How much does dental implants?
Wide range of dental implant systems can greatly improve the efficiency of ongoing implantation and prosthesis. The need for such a wide choice due to the fact that there is no universal system of dental implantation and sometimes a system sometimes especially good under certain conditions of implantation and not necessarily ideal for another. No need to save on costs when choosing the system in favor of the universality of one. Proper selection allows a very balanced approach to operations planning and to avoid the situation where, working as a system, the doctor is looking for is not the best solution, but the possibility of “fit” the situation under their sometimes meager, possibilities.
The implants will last 25 years
In the U.S. dental implant is actively engaged since 1961. In the USSR (in Russia) dental implant became engaged in 1986. Dental implants installed in the jaw with a view to creating additional support for dentures. . It is believed that if, after a prosthetic implant in their lifetime ranged from 5 years to 10 years – is a good result. From 10 years and over – this is an excellent result. But these terms are relative, because Some prostheses on implants cost more than 15-18 years, in other cases the term is limited to 3.
The teeth on the bolt, or that such implants.
Doctors have long tried to replace the prosthesis is not only the crown of the tooth – part of that looms above the gum (as happens with traditional prosthetic methods), but also its root – create artificial support for the prosthesis. In the second half of the nineteenth century. When dentistry is no longer a craft and become an independent area of medical science, was the beginning of the modern theory of the implants.  The implant (from the Latin. Im – “in, inside and plantatare -” to plant, transplant “) – a device of any material introduced in the body by surgery for permanent or temporary implementation of various functions.


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