Bleach your teeth at home!

Bleach your teeth at home!
Quality and longevity of home bleaching 

Quality of bleaching depends on many factors, such as professional quality of the dentist and dental patient’s individual characteristics, especially health and nutrition of the patient. Patients are always striving to improve the aesthetics of their teeth as soon as possible and sometimes make unrealistic demands, which complicates treatment planning and predicting its outcome. It is therefore very important point during home whitening is the establishment of full mutual understanding between doctor and patient. Dentist, based on the experience and knowledge, trying to explain to patients what to expect as a result of bleaching. In this regard, the invaluable assistance provided modern computer program, through which the dentist can demonstrate to the patient the expected result bleaching. 

If you change the color of the surface, ie caused by the consumption of such products that have coloring properties (coffee, tea, etc.), then the whitening of teeth usually lasts 6 weeks. Tooth whitening smoker can take up to three months. If you change the color of teeth deep, ie are tetracycline teeth, fluorosis, changes under the influence of certain systemic diseases, in such cases it is difficult to achieve a good result. Although, after home whitening, such teeth look much brighter than they were. When darken single teeth (a consequence of traumatic injury and complication of root canal treatment the tooth), it is better to use the method of internal bleaching. 

In most cases, bleached teeth after 1-3 years are beginning to change color. Therefore, after the first bleaching, it is recommended as necessary to conduct and repeated courses. Course re-whitening lasts less than the first. 

Side effects occurring during home bleaching 

At home whitening should pay attention to side effects. The most common of these are: irritation of soft tissues (especially in the cervical part of the gum and interdental papillae) and increased tooth sensitivity to temperature stimuli. In some cases, side effects of home bleaching are so severe that he had to stop treatment, but this happens very rarely. In the case of such situations, patients have to contact your dentist. In the course of home whitening teeth may become more sensitive than usual to heat and cold. Most often associated with unpleasant sensations that continue from one to four days and pass with the end of bleaching. During the second home whitening common side effect is irritation of the gums. Gum irritation usually associated with the bleaching gel by contact with the gum, ie a bad adaptation of individual mouthguards. In this case, individual mouthguard dentist reworks. 


The most popular folk remedy tooth whitening at home – an ordinary baking soda. It is quite simple – dip your toothbrush in a solution of baking soda and brush your teeth. Immediately become whiter teeth, but gums, traumatized by rough friction of soda, will be hurt. Warning Remember that soda literally rip off the top layer of tooth enamel! If you brush your teeth with soda more often than once a month, you can quickly thinned enamel. Will increase the sensitivity of teeth to any spicy or hot food. 

Effects whitening toothpastes like effect of sodium – in toothpastes contain abrasives and enzymes that affect the color of teeth. We do not recommend use of such pastes a long time – because the sensitivity of enamel will gradually increase. 

Toothpastes are good, but it is unlikely they can achieve the desired result, because clarification of the tooth is insignificant. 

Here is another interesting information: 

Home Remedies 

Typically, cheap Whitening toothpastes are ineffective. To give teeth a pleasant whiteness have to fork out for expensive toothpaste. Unfortunately, the professional teeth whitening is not available to all. If you decide to test the effectiveness of skin-whitening creams, gels, and mouthguards, which are sold in pharmacies, use natural and available means, whose effectiveness has been tested by time. 

Baking soda: a time-tested favorite of housewives, baking soda has many functions and is applied, including, for teeth whitening. Most dentists agree that baking soda is safe for health and quickly and effectively. Brush your teeth only baking soda or mix it with toothpaste – then the salty taste of sodium will be less noticeable. 

Hydrogen peroxide: hydrogen peroxide – a popular, cheap and accessible means, which is always at hand. When using hydrogen peroxide can not be excluded discomfort and burning sensation in the gums, but the result will exceed your expectations – clean, white teeth (although without enamel). Typically, most people see results after several weeks of use of hydrogen peroxide or even earlier. Never mind the fact that hydrogen peroxide gets into the oral cavity, but in any case, do not swallow it during the rinse! 

When using this home means brushing your teeth, as usual, then rinse in a minute. Then Spit and thoroughly rinse your mouth with warm water. Or, dip in a solution of hydrogen peroxide cotton swab and spend them in the teeth in the vertical and horizontal direction. 

Strawberries and strawberry: a little known that strawberries and other berries contain natural bleaching agents, so perfectly bleached teeth! Because these berries also contain glucose and acid, is very important to remove the remnants of a toothbrush and brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste. The berries can be crushed and apply on your teeth, like toothpaste, or just hold them in the teeth, gently pressing down until the juice. 

Wood ash: strange as it sounds, but solid wood ash helps whiten teeth. It contains potassium hydroxide – a connection that and whitens teeth. Microscopic crystals of potassium hydroxide clears plaque in hard to reach places, leaving them clean and bright white. However, too frequent use of wood ash or too much friction can damage tooth enamel, so this tool should be used with extreme caution. Wood ash can be put directly on the toothbrush and brush your teeth or mixed with a small amount of toothpaste. 

Toothpaste home-made: one of the best ways to whiten teeth at home – toothpaste your own cooking. Mix the baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, table salt and a small amount of toothpaste – it is proven to very effective and harmless. 

Other means of teeth whitening 

To enhance the effect, you can combine the above components with wood ash, strawberries, hydrogen peroxide or baking soda. Do not forget to thoroughly wash any vehicle with teeth toothpaste and rinse your mouth after whitening. 

Also remember that the teeth have a natural yellow tint – this is due to calcium and essential minerals in tooth enamel. Too intense cleansing, frequent hit on the teeth of lemon juice, acid or vitamin C in any way damage the tooth surface. Damaged tooth enamel can not be recovery, and damage to the enamel means that the teeth are vulnerable and more prone to the formation of holes. Therefore, all teeth whitening home remedies should be used very rarely and with special attention.

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At-home whitening prdoucts do work for some people. If your teeth are yellowish the product will whiten your teeth. If your teeth are grayish, the whitening prdoucts don’t work. The yellowish color is the result of surface stains. Grayish-color teeth cannot be whitening with at-home prdoucts. Grayish-color teeth cannot be whitening by a dentist. Some people have grayish-color teeth because their mothers took a specific antibiotic while pregnant. That antibiotic is no longer prescribed for pregnant woman.To whiten yellowish-color teeth and get the best results have a dental check up and your teeth cleaned before using any at-home prdoucts. At-home whitening prdoucts shouldn’t be used if you have any unfilled cavities.Listerine has a new product (a strip) that has gotten OK reviews. The Listerine Whitening Rinse doesn’t work because the liquid isn’t in your mouth long enough. Whitening toothpaste will whiten your teeth a bit over time but you will get much better results with the strips or mouth trays. Crest and Rembrandt have some good prdouctsFor the best and fastest results have your teeth whitened by a dentist. What a dentist can do in an hour takes weeks with the at-home kits. Although the cost of one package of an at-home kit is less expensive than having a dentist do it, consider the fact that you will probably need to purchase multiple at-home prdoucts.

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not from this line, but i’ve tried drugstore vseiron of Kose whitening line before and had a similar experience. nice but nothing is not a whitening serum, but i’ve enjoyed Avalon organics vitamin serum a lot. inexpensive and effective for brightening. it is moisturizing for serum as well. 🙂

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