Brush your teeth properly

Brush your teeth properly
Not buy a good toothbrush and toothpaste excellent. The most important thing just to be able to brush their teeth properly. 

Brush my teeth should be at least two times a day, ideally of course after 

each meal, but not always convenient. Pasta should contain fluoride. 

The morning after breakfast. 
Before going to sleep, after the last meal. 

1.Pered brushing necessarily need to wash. 

2. At the brush is applied a small amount of toothpaste. 

3. Place the head of the toothbrush at an angle of 45 degrees to the gum line. Take short circular motion in the direction of the gums to the cutting edge. Thoroughly clean every tooth. 

4.Chistka inner surface of each tooth in a circular motion. Brush is placed perpendicular to the cutting edge. 

5.Krugovymi movements clean the exterior surfaces of the teeth. 

6.Dvizheniyami back and forth to clear the chewing surfaces of upper and lower molars. 

7. Complete cleansing massage gums – when the mouth is closed with a brush made a circular motion with the seizure of teeth and gums. 

8.Pochistite language. To clean, use of language tongue scraper. Start cleaning from the back of the tongue and gradually be sent to the front surface. 

9.Pomoyte brush and put in a glass bristle up. 

Also, do not forget to change your toothbrush in a timely manner. 

As you use a toothbrush wear: bristles lose their shape, are polluted with microorganisms razvoloknyayutsya are shortened, as a result begin to injure the gums. 

The service life of the toothbrush depends on many factors: how often a person cleans his teeth, how long, what is the force of pressure, what is the abrasiveness of toothpaste. The teeth should be cleaned with a toothbrush 2 times a day, for three minutes, with a pressure force of 50-70 g. 

Need to change your toothbrush every three months. 
The first signal to the replacement of the toothbrush is the loss of its original appearance. 
Currently available toothbrushes with wear indicators – bunches of bristles, colored food dyes. In this case, the wear and need replacement brushes indicates bleaching colored bristles. 
After the tolerated ARI, influenza, sore throat advisable to change your toothbrush.

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Fralnky I think that’s absolutely good stuff.

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yes receding gums means gums beomce less/smaller will be weakened to hold/protect the root of the teeth. Bleeding is no good woh probably means brush too hard. ^^; Was adviced by my dentist to floss more regularly to get rid of plague etc between teeth which can cause bleeding/weak gums too.

Felicia, Angela, and I would like to let everyone know that Dr. Johnson and his staff are the BEST! The momnet we walk in the door, we get a warm welcome from Denise and Kari (who does an outstanding job of keeping track of any changes our insurance company throws her way.) Whether it is our hygenists, assistants, or Dr. Johnson, there is always a smile to be seen and positve thoughts to be shared. After all, a dentist’s office is where to get a great smile! Oh, and by the way the work and professionalism is bar note’ the best ever! Sincerely, Felicia, Angela, and Karol (Fifteen years of excellent dental care)care

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That’s a great project, SC! Children enjoy mnakig artwork while learning about taking care of their teeth. As an educator, this is a win-win situation, don’t you think?

I would like this better if not for the other toohtbrushes in the background… it confuses whether or not they’re supposed to be characters, or simply objects. I think if they weren’t present, it would easier to accept the brush the soap is using as simply an “object”, and not a character. [which I think is the intent, right?…] [and on a smaller note, the bright colors of the brushes draw my eye away from the main event a bit] I still really like this one though, the soap character is very nice.

Great work as always. I half excepted to see some arms and legs on the green toothbrush while the other brushes look on in shock. A real “What horror!” kind of moment. Now, having 2 young kids of my own and knowing how dirty they get, this one really hits home for me. Thanks again for the laugh. [url=]gchmlgsxpw[/url] [link=]dpsnxjzlo[/link]

I previously had a coslreds version of this toothbrush, but was plagued with issues changing the batteries. This one is perfect since I don’t have to ever change a battery. The drawback being that I have to use up valuable counter space and and electrical outlet. The number of rotations is astounding and leaves my mouth and teeth feeling wonderful clean and tingly. I absolutely LOVE the timer. It really does help me ensure that I have brushed the dentist recommended amount of time for a truly clean mouth! I also appreciate that I can chose from different kinds of replacement heads to see if a different one fits my needs better

i find the most ‘boring’ toothbrushes come from my denitst. personally, i like the ‘tricked out’ ones, because i can get one in my favorite color-lime green! whee. makes brushing my teeth more fun. and i’m 23. the ‘wallpaper’. is it by any chance, a victoria secret’s bag? thats what it reminds me of. and is that real dirt? or black paint? [url=]udfvhjqlam[/url] [link=]rehqeqput[/link]

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