Check your teeth right now. Test.

Check your teeth right now. Test.
Take the test and check whether everything you have wrong with your teeth? 

For each answer «YES» – 10 points, «NO» – 5 points. 
Try after a meal, if not brush their teeth, at least, thoroughly rinse your mouth or chew gum? 
Do you smoke? 
Can a day without sweets? 
Often snack chips, salted nuts or crackers? 
Love flour, fat, and chew on carrots or apples can not stand? 
Frequently happens that seizes hot coffee or ice cream after Coke with ice, pours a steaming cup of tea? 
To deny itself the dairy products? 
In the case of a toothpick for you can be anything – from a pin to spike fork? 
Use your jaw as «orehokolki», constantly chewing sunflower seeds? 
Worked in hazardous environments, or have served in the Navy? 
Often, catches cold, sinusitis or tonsillitis picks? 
Suffer from inflammatory diseases of the kidneys, joints? 
Do you have digestive problems, gastritis, intestinal bacteria overgrowth? 
Teeth react to cold, hot, sweet or sour? 
Do you have any problems with the metabolism? 
You lived a long time in areas where there is a shortage of water and soil fluoride (in the Krasnodar region, Murmansk and other northern regions, St. Petersburg, in Tyumen, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk and Sverdlovsk regions)? 
Put off a visit to the dentist for more than a year? 
For 20 years you have stood the seals on three or more teeth? 
Notice that the gums sometimes bleed, for example, when cleaning your teeth? 
You malocclusion? 
A pity to part with his beloved toothbrush than two months? 

From 100 to 120 points. Such healthy teeth – a great rarity and value. Caregivers take care of, there is every chance that closer to retirement, you will fight on the spot «Hollywood» smile. But do not forget that the dentist should be visited at least once every half a year. Visit dental clinic can be combined with professional tooth cleaning ( take her at least once or twice a year). Professional teeth cleaning in combination with conventional oral hygiene slows and prevents the development of caries and periodontitis. 

From 125 to 150 points. Outwardly, it looks more respectable, but you seriously threatens caries. You still have something to fight! Give up on chips and caramels, strengthen gums with therapeutic rinses. Eat more dairy, fresh fruits and vegetables. 

From 155 to 210 points. Rather, patching holes conventional seals no longer help. Do not despair, modern dentistry to cure and restore your teeth, even if one root remained. Dentist develop for you an individual treatment program. And do not throw this thing in the middle!

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I have to admit, I had this exact syndrome befroe! I was bottlefed for a long time, up to when I reached prep school. I suffered from tooth decay, ugh!As a doctor, I know better than using bottles to feed babies when they are already capable of sipping via a cup. Yes, bottlefeeding is more convenient, but we owe it to children to do better, yes? Hope you visit my blog where I also write health articles and medical updates!My recent post

omg!!! I did it! I am weird/picky about floss..i put all kit leftovers in my ort jar. Mostly beasuce I despise all kit thread and won’t use it unless it is specifically listed as DMC. I have had a lot of trouble with breakage and knotting in the past…it’s not worth my time to save a few bucks! (If it’s good floss it goes to the thrift)

I always imigane my grandmother having to sit on the street and sell vegetables like they do. I give them credit for having such amazing strength to just bear with it. They don’t depend on anyone to do it for them, they just take it in their own hands. They shouldn’t have to though. It’s a shame.

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