Choose your method of cleaning teeth

Choose your method of cleaning teeth
Leading component of the prevention of dental diseases is oral hygiene. Systematic cleaning of teeth, removal of soft dental deposits contribute to the physiological process of maturation of tooth enamel. Biologically active components of hygiene (tooth pastes and elixirs) enrich the tooth and periodontal tissue salts, phosphates, calcium, trace elements, vitamins, increasing their resistance to harmful influences. Regular massage gums during brushing contributes to the activation of metabolic processes, improve blood circulation in the periodontal tissues.

Personal Hygiene – provides a thorough and regular removal of dental plaque from the surfaces of teeth and gums by the patient using various means of hygiene.

To achieve the best performance from a hygienic measures use different tools and items for oral care. Recently, their range was particularly wide and varied.

Using modern means of plaque removal from the surfaces of teeth, can not ignore the method by which this is done. At the present time there are various techniques for plaque removal, however, taking into account individual peculiarities of the oral cavity, it is advisable to recommend the best method by which you receive a good cleaning effect.

Circular method Fones. In this method purification vestibular surfaces of teeth in the closed position. Products Communal field is put in the right corner of the upper or lower vestibular surface of the teeth, cleaning is performed in a circular motion, excluding the boundary of the gums. When you open your mouth produce oral cleaning surfaces small rotational motion. Horizontal or rotational movement cleaned occlusal surface of teeth. This method is shown to children and adults.

Method of Leonard. Toothbrush set perpendicular to the tooth surface, produce a vertical movement only in the direction of the gum to the crown of the tooth: the upper jaw – from top to bottom, the lower jaw – from the bottom up. Vestibular surface of your teeth cleaned in of closed jaws, and chewing surfaces clean brush movements back and forth. This method is known as a method of “from red to white” – “from the gum to the tooth.”

Method of Bass. Head of the toothbrush at an angle of 45 ° to the axis of the tooth. The ends of the fibers at the same time presses to enamel and the papilla. In this position, produce vibrating motion with small amplitude. Fibers penetrate into the interdental spaces and gingival groove, thereby contributing to a good plaque removal. Method of Bass is not quite simple. Improper position of the toothbrush, for example, vertically to the axis of the tooth, resulting in damage to the epithelial attachment and gums. This method is shown to adults.

Method Charters. Head of the toothbrush set at an angle of 45 ° to the axis of the tooth so that the ends of the fibers, referring to the outer surface of the crown, reached the cutting edge. Gently pressing the tips of bristles gently pushing in the interdental spaces. In this position shall vibrating motion. Fibers in contact with an edge and make gum massage.

Method Stillmann. With this method the bristles of the toothbrush set at an angle of 45 ° in the direction of the roots of teeth with subsequent reversal of brush in the direction of the crowns. It bristles pressure purged interdental spaces. In the frontal section of oral toothbrush set vertically, and equipment cleaning is repeated. In the area of each tooth is recommended to repeat these movements 4-5 times.

Modified method Stillmann. The toothbrush is installed parallel to the axis of the tooth row, with the bristles cover the coronal portion of teeth and mucous membranes. Bristles presses to the dentist a number of mucous, and then small movements of the vibrating brush rises to the level of the chewing surface.

The standard method of cleaning teeth Pakhomov GN dentition conventionally divided into several segments. Cleaning of the teeth begin to plot in the upper right-hand chewing teeth, consistently moving from segment to segment. The same procedure carried out cleaning of the teeth on the lower jaw. When clearing the vestibular and oral surfaces of molars and premolars working part of the toothbrush at an angle of 45 ° to the tooth and produce clearing traffic from the gum to the tooth while removing plaque from the teeth, gums. The chewing surfaces of teeth clean horizontal (reciprocating) motion so that the brush fibers penetrate deep into the fissures and interdental spaces.

Vestibular surface of the frontal teeth of the upper and lower jaws cleaned the same movements as the molars and premolars. When cleaning the surface of the oral brush handle perpendicular to the occlusal plane of teeth, and the fibers are at an acute angle to them and capture not only the teeth but also gums. Complete cleaning of all segments in a circular motion.
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