Crooked teeth hurt health

Crooked teeth hurt health
You think that crooked teeth is only an aesthetic problem? In fact, crooked teeth are the cause of many ailments such as headaches, throat diseases, diseases of the stomach, violations of diction.

Crooked teeth are more frequently exposed to damage. Food particles easily trapped between the curves of the teeth. Malocclusion causes bad chewing food, which leads to disorders of the digestive system.

Curvature of the teeth occurs on multiple number of reasons. Among these reasons are common hereditary, genetically determined abnormalities. Frequent causes of curves teeth are developmental disorders, teething, bad habits, especially in early childhood: thumb-sucking, drawn-out period of sucking nipples, trauma, rickets. It sometimes happens that a person’s teeth is simply larger, and they just crowded, no place to properly accommodate because of the small size of the jaw, why come «curvature».

At present, modern dentistry offers a wide range of services to correct the bite. This is all kinds of plate and bracket system. The plates are easier, cheaper, although less convenient and not as aesthetically pleasing as braces.

For example, in the U.S. more than 50% of students and schoolchildren were Braces. In recent years it has become fashionable around the world.
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