Cure periodontitis may

Cure periodontitis may
Periodontitis – inflammatory periodontal disease. By origin distinguish infectious, traumatic and medical periodontitis.

Depending on the flow of clinical periodontitis can be acute, chronic (fibrotic, granulating, granulomatous), and chronic in the acute stage. 

Treatment of periodontal disease is aimed at eliminating the source of infection, prevention of sensitization of the organism, the development of inflammatory processes in the maxillofacial region, an infectious-allergic diseases of internal organs and systems.

The main objectives of treatment of periodontitis:

• to influence the microflora of the root macro-and micro-;
• eliminate the influence of biogenic amines and inflammatory process in periodontitis; 
• promote the regeneration of all components of periodontal;
• prevent access of infection from the root canal in the periodontium.

Enzyme periodontitis based on the electoral impact of proteolytic enzymes on necrotic tissue. Proteolytic enzymes contribute to liquefaction pathologically viscous secretion in the root canal and rapid removal from the non-viable tissue, while not affecting on living.

For the treatment of periodontitis using proteolytic enzymes trypsin and chymotrypsin in combination with broad-spectrum antibiotics (streptomycin, mikrotsid, monomitsin, neomycin) as a solvent take an isotonic solution of sodium chloride.
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That’s beaucse a That’s beaucse a raw diet is very cleansing. When a body cleanses it getsп»ї rid of weak cells (including weak tooth/enamel cells). To rebuild teeth on raw diet, you need to eat greens to get minerals and move lymph in the jaw area to move the toxins out. People go on a raw diet and then their teeth get bad, but they forget all the crap they ate for years and years before that, but they still blame the fruit. Was this answer helpful?

David / Vitamin C is needed in every kind of contvcniee tissue. Both for formation and repair. Sulfur is also needed. But in general, I agree with Doctor Brown the problem with periodontal disease is the anaerobic bacteria plaque needs to be disrupted daily this is something that office visits once every 3 or 6 months cannot change. The vast majority of people must disrupt the plaque daily mechanically. Since you cannot be with the person every day, they MUST do it for themselves.

/ I am unaware of any hard eicnedve in the literature, published in refereed journals, to support a cause and effect relationship between nutrition and . Obviously, someone who already has the disease and also a diet high in refined carbohydrates (sugars etc.), may be contributing to sustaining the inflammatory response. However, the bottom line is that the disease is mediated by bacteria. Eliminate the periodontal pathogens and you eliminate the disease! Most everything else is miniscule by comparison.

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Periodontitis be treated early
Inflammation of the supporting apparatus of the tooth, which is called when the bacterial plaque deposits on teeth and gums called periodontitis. If time does not recognize this disease, the teeth lose their strength and begin to just fall out. Recognize you started periodontitis is not so difficult. In the early stages of the gums start to bleed when cleaning the teeth, gum tissue is dark-red color. Also, if you get the feeling that your teeth have become a kind of “longer” or their necks were bared, it may indicate begun periodontitis.
Because of what appears periodontitis?
Periodontitis – an inflammation of the supporting apparatus of the tooth caused by bacterial plaque deposits (plaques) on the teeth and gums. If these attacks are not addressed systematically and thoroughly when cleaning your teeth, then they have formed a dental stone, hardening with time and seedling “in the depth of the gums. Extragingival There are pockets where bacteria can easily multiply, because these places are inaccessible to the toothbrush. If time does not recognize the disease begins atrophy of the reference apparatus of the tooth, the teeth lose their association with the alveoli and fall.