During pregnancy, pay special attention to teeth

During pregnancy, pay special attention to teeth
Prevention of dental caries and periodontal diseases in pregnant women is twofold: to improve the dental status of women and to implement antenatal prevention of dental caries unborn child.

Maternal influences on the development of teeth of the child throughout pregnancy, especially with the 6-7-th week, when starting the process of laying the teeth. Research rudiments of teeth showed that the pathological pregnancy tooth enamel mineralization of the fetus usually slows down and often stops at the initial stage of calcification. Postnatal mineralization of teeth, although improving, but does not reach the normal level of calcification of temporary teeth.

Allocate group of factors, whose action creates the conditions for violations of the full formation of the teeth-jaw system.

These include:
• presence of his mother extragenital pathology in the form of somatic diseases of various organs and systems;
• complications of pregnancy in the form of toxicosis of the first and second half;
• occupational hazard;
• stressful situations during pregnancy;
• diseases of neonates and infants;
• Early artificial feeding.

Already in the early stages of pregnancy the woman is the deterioration of the hard tissue of teeth and periodontium in the background of poor oral hygiene status and shifts in the composition of oral fluid, hence the need for preventive interventions throughout pregnancy.

Women are encouraged to implement a common set of preventive measures, including a correct mode of work and rest, good nutrition, multivitamin preparations.

Prolonged exposure to fresh air, combined with measured physical load contributes to the flow of oxygen into the body.

The diet should be varied, with the necessary quantity of vitamins and trace elements. In the first polo ¬ fault pregnant female organism needs to contin ¬ a continuously flow of protein. In the second half of the age em ¬ body’s need for vitamins, trace elements and mineral salts. Vegetables, fruits should be constant ¬ yannymi ingredients diet.

The main sources of vitamins should be food, but during pregnancy to meet the growing demand for vitamins should be prescribed and appropriate multivitamin preparations: «Dekamevit», «Undevit», «Gendevit», etc. The use of multivitamin preparations leads to an intensification of the oxidation-reduction processes in the body of fetus and mother.

For correction of homeostasis may appoint a pregnant woman multivitamin preparations with mineral additives «Pregnavit». It contains vitamins: A, D, B1, B2, B6, B12, pantotenovokisly calcium, furamat iron, anhydrous calcium phosphate.

The drug is prescribed in the following doses: up to 4 months of pregnancy – 1 capsule, 5 to 7 months. – 2 capsules, 8 to 9 months. – 3 capsules per day. The drug is particularly indicated for iron deficiency anemia, the development of which may reduce intake of iron intake, malabsorption of iron in the intestine, bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract, twins, prolonged breast-feeding.
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From the above facts it looks like you have to take precautionary mseaures for your oral hygiene. A poor oral hygiene, with a general poor health, invites a host of bacteria in the oral cavity, which results in carries of tooth, and infection in the gums and the roots of the tooth. Bad odor, pain and swelling with pus formation in the gum follow. If prompt treatment is not taken, the infection can extend up to the jaw. Tooth decay is due to faulty dietary habits. Consumption of sweets, candies, soft drinks, cause tooth decay. The bacteria in the mouth breaks the sugar into acids, it then corrodes the enamel resulting in tooth decay. Excessive salivation and foul odor is the result of bad oral hygiene. To improve oral hygiene proper cleaning of teeth is very essential, consequently preventing tooth decay. The circular motion with the brush ensures that all dental surface are cleaned. Clove oil reduces toothache; it also helps to decrease infection. Wheat grass juice if used as a mouth wash checks bacterial growth. Lime contains vitamin C. it is useful in maintaining healthy teeth.

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