Forms of periodontitis: prepubertal periodontitis

Forms of periodontitis: prepubertal periodontitis
Prepubertal periodontitis occurs for 2-4 year of age at the time of eruption of deciduous teeth. 

There are localized and generalized its shape.

When struck by a localized form of isolated teeth, and the intensity of the destruction of bone tissue is lower than in generalized form. In some cases, despite the destruction of bone tissue, visible signs of inflammation of the gums available.

In generalized form of prepubertal periodontitis affected all teeth. Gingival tissue showing pronounced signs of inflammation. Sometimes there is retraction of the gums with the formation of cracks. The consequence of generalized forms of prepubescent periodontitis may be the loss of primary teeth bite. Generalized form is often combined with increased susceptibility of children common infectious diseases (eg, otitis media). 

Cause of the prepubescent periodontitis is the impact on periodontal tissue of mixed bacterial flora (aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms), which is a localized form, but other species also contains a Porphyromonas gingivalis and Actinobacillus actinomycetem comitans. The composition of microflora of plaque in generalized form is insufficiently studied. In children suffering from prepubescent periodontitis, often exhibit functional defects of neutrophilic granulocytes and monocytes.
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Fruits like strawberries, oanrges and kiwis contain high amounts of Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to regeneratea0collagena0 which is what gum tissue is made from. Gums that are lacking in this vitamin are tender and susceptible to bacteria, causing periodontal disease.

a day and flossing daily will help keep your veener in good shape as well as ward off any signs of periodontal disease. Your dentist may also suggest avoiding stain-causing foods and beverages like coffee, tea or red

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Forms of periodontitis: marginal periodontitis.
Marginal periodontitis, a disease caused by exposure to bacterial plaque, inflammatory disease of all parts of the marginal periodontium (gingiva, periodontal ligament, root cement and alveolar bone) with a progressive loss of tissue restraining apparatus of the tooth. The clinical picture of marginal periodontitis, in addition to the symptoms of gingivitis, is characterized by destruction of bone tissue, the presence of abscess, displacement and mobility of teeth, as well as the emergence of periodontal pockets with loss of attachment of the epithelium.
Cure periodontitis may
Periodontitis – inflammatory periodontal disease. By origin distinguish infectious, traumatic and medical periodontitis. Depending on the flow of clinical periodontitis can be acute, chronic (fibrotic, granulating, granulomatous), and chronic in the acute stage.  Treatment of periodontal disease is aimed at eliminating the source of infection, prevention of sensitization of the organism, the development of inflammatory processes in the maxillofacial region, an infectious-allergic diseases of internal organs and systems.
Periodontitis be treated early
Inflammation of the supporting apparatus of the tooth, which is called when the bacterial plaque deposits on teeth and gums called periodontitis. If time does not recognize this disease, the teeth lose their strength and begin to just fall out. Recognize you started periodontitis is not so difficult. In the early stages of the gums start to bleed when cleaning the teeth, gum tissue is dark-red color. Also, if you get the feeling that your teeth have become a kind of “longer” or their necks were bared, it may indicate begun periodontitis.
Because of what appears periodontitis?
Periodontitis – an inflammation of the supporting apparatus of the tooth caused by bacterial plaque deposits (plaques) on the teeth and gums. If these attacks are not addressed systematically and thoroughly when cleaning your teeth, then they have formed a dental stone, hardening with time and seedling “in the depth of the gums. Extragingival There are pockets where bacteria can easily multiply, because these places are inaccessible to the toothbrush. If time does not recognize the disease begins atrophy of the reference apparatus of the tooth, the teeth lose their association with the alveoli and fall.