Glossopharyngeal nerve

Glossopharyngeal nerve

Glossopharyngeal nerve 

  Pair of cranial nerves IX (p. glossophagyngeus) mixed nerve contains motor, sensory and parasympathetic (secretory) fiber, has 4 cores, which are located in the posterior part of the medulla oblongata. 

The double nucleus, nucl. ambiguus (in common with a pair of X), located in the middle part of the medulla oblongata, in front and lateral nucleus hypoglossal nerve. 

Axons of cells form the core motor branch of the glossopharyngeal nerve, which innervates the muscle only shiloglotochnuyu (ie stylopharingeus). When ingested, this muscle raises the pharynx and larynx. 

Dual core (nucl. ambiguus) is a bilateral cortical innervation. 
The nucleus of a single path, nucl. solitagius sensitive, in common with the vagus nerve and the intermediate section is located in the lateral medulla oblongata. It takes sensitive taste fibers from the anterior two thirds of the tongue on the system of intermediate nerve and the tympanic chord, gustatory information from the posterior third of the language kernel gets the trunk of glossopharyngeal nerve (part of the trunk of the vagus nerve). 

Sensitive nucleus, nucl. alae cinereae (in common with a pair of X), is located dorsolateral to dual core and provides the sensitivity of the larynx, trachea, pharynx, soft palate, 
middle ear. 
  Lower salivary nucleus. nucl. salivatorius infegiog (parasympathetic), located in the medulla oblongata between the nucl. ambiguus and the nucleus of the olive. Innervates the parotid glands. 

Sensitive nucleus (nucl. alae cinegea), the total for the IX and X cranial nerves, has a bilateral cortical connections. 

Glossopharyngeal nerve roots in the form of 34 out of the medulla oblongata in the groove between the olive and restiform body. 

These roots are connected into a single trunk, which, through the jugular outlet orifice of the cranial cavity along with X and XI nerves. 

Next glossopharyngeal nerve descends on the lateral surface of the neck and divides into branches. 
Outside the skull glossopharyngeal nerve lies at first between the internal jugular vein and internal carotid artery, then runs along the rear edge shiloglotochnoy muscle. Then the nerve passes through the side wall of the pharynx and, reaching the edge of language, is divided into terminal branches: tympanic nerve, a branch shiloglotochnoy muscles, sinus branch, almond branches, pharyngeal, and lingual branches. 

Sensitive glossopharyngeal nerve fibers originate from the upper (intracranial) node gangl. Supegius, located in the jugular opening, and bottom (vnecherepnogo), which lies at the exit from the jugular hole in a rocky hollow feasts ides of the temporal bone. The peripheral processes of cells of upper and lower ganglion is followed in the branches of the glossopharyngeal nerve trunk in general and with the motor fibers innervate the eardrum, external ear canal, the mucous membrane of the pharynx, the back of the soft palate. tongue, tonsils, tympanum, 
eustachian tube, the rear third of the tongue. 

Central spines are in the medulla oblongata, divided into 2 branches: a brief downward to the core of a single path (nucl. tgactus solitagius) and a longer rising to a sensitive nucleus (nucl. alae cinegea). 
The nucleus of a single path (nucl. tgactus solitagius) influences taste sensitivity of the language on the following main channels: n. lingualis and chogda tympani from the front two-thirds 
tongue (1 neuron in gangl. geniculi) and IX and X nerves from the posterior third of tongue (1 neuron in gangl. supegius and gangl. infegius). 

From the nucleus of a single path (11 sensory neuron) depart fibers to the nuclei of the thalamus opposite side. Next fibers from the nuclei of the thalamus pass through the posterior third of the rear legs of the internal capsule and suited to the cortical gustatory center in the lower section postcentral gyrus. The defeat of these nuclei or fibers is accompanied by a breach of taste, and irritation of the development of gustatory hallucinations. 
Motor nucleus (nucl. ambiguus), the total for the IX and X pairs, provides the motor innervation of the muscles of the soft palate with bilateral cortical connections. 

As part of glossopharyngeal nerve are also parasympathetic efferent (secretory) fibers to the parotid gland. These fibers originate in the vegetative lower salivary nucleus (nucl. salivatogius infegiog), cells which are scattered in the reticular formation of medulla oblongata. 

With the defeat of nucl. salivatogius infegiog arises xerostomia due to hypofunction of the parotid salivary gland. 

  Symptoms defeat 
  Isolated glossopharyngeal nerve lesions are rare. The only sign of violation of motor nerve function IX can be expressed in unilateral small paresis soft palate. Swallowing disorders are usually mild, as the innervation of the muscles of the throat pain necks often lingers through the branches of the vagus nerve. 
Pathology of nerve IX may be accompanied by a decrease in secretion of the parotid gland, decreasing the sensitivity of the posterior wall of the pharynx and soft palate. There is a loss of taste sensation on the posterior third of tongue. 
With stimulation of glossopharyngeal nerve may develop muscle spasm, glossopharyngeal gutturotetany, as well as paresthesias, increased salivation, or pain.



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