Invisible Systems Invizilayn

Invisible Systems Invizilayn
Correction requires the wearing of teeth, braces no less than one year are not always aesthetically pleasing it looks like, in addition, a bracket system is not very comfortable to wear. Dentistry offer us a new American system fixes teeth «Invizilayn», which was developed in 1986 in California. At the moment «Invizilayn» is very popular among orthodontic technology in many countries.

The technique «Invizilayn» in that it combines orthodontics and 3D-art computer technology. Correction and treatment of teeth is absolutely not noticeable to others, as well as lining the teeth «Invizilayn» are invisible.

Dentist from material, are fast resembling a liquid rubber, makes an impression of patient’s teeth and special mail sends it to America – in the office of the company «Invizilayn». Also needed X-rays and digital photos of faces in full face and profile. When malocclusion is distorted aesthetics of person, there is a strong asymmetry, and all of these violations should be taken into account. 

It often happens that when a smile can be seen lower teeth, gums or strongly favor raised upper lip. Sometimes people just want to change the number of teeth and wants to smile opened all the teeth. This can be achieved, and eliminate the drawbacks, most importantly – a comprehensive analysis of all parameters.

Specialists in the U.S. casts scan laser stereolithography (special 3D-scanner) and get an exact copy of the teeth and jaws. Then all the data (radiographs, photographs, images and even the wishes of the client) are entered into the computer, which builds the ideal line of the dentition.

The next stage dentist develops a treatment plan and with the help of laser ablation produces a clear plastic tray – original case on the teeth. Externally, the process looks fascinating: the material is applied gradually, like a mouthguard grow from nothing. They correspond exactly to shape and size of teeth client, transparent and durable. 

In this small cap for the tooth laid micromotions, which at constant impact leads to the desired result. Throughout the period of each tooth is moved in the right direction.

Mouthguards much easier bracket systems, they do not stick, then there is no damage to tooth enamel, they can be removed during eating, snacking on them throughout the day without the risk of stuck food. And the main advantage is that they are totally invisible. When wearing mouthguards can also whiten teeth. In this case, they fill the whitening gel from which the oxygen is slowly released. It makes teeth clean and white.
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