Malocclusion – bracket system

Malocclusion - bracket system
There are several ways to correct malocclusion. In addition, to correct the situation, you can use dental surgery, but with the help of modern bracket systems that will make your teeth perfectly straight and correct malocclusion.

Braces – a huge selection of different accessories for beauty and health of teeth. They differ in color, materials and forms. Bracket system – a small locks, fastening to the teeth with special glue. A bracket has a groove, which passes orthodontic arch, which has «shape memory». The resistance of this arc when it is bending to a curved jaw and is the force that is slowly but steadily aligns dentition orthodontic treatment with braces.

There are metal, ceramic, sapphire, gold bracket system. On the effect of treatment is not affected, but has only cosmetic value: the patient chooses, what he put braces.

One of the main novelties are among the braces lingual bracket system, in other words it is invisible braces, which are set not on the outside, but on the inside of the teeth. Agree, to correct malocclusion without feeling any discomfort, very tempting.

Duration of treatment is between brackets to two years, with regular, periodic monitoring orthodontist. The treatment is absolutely painless, and the results Malocclusion a lifetime.
The cost of correcting malocclusion is about 10000 – 40000 rubles.
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Being someone who’s paretns were never able to afford braces, I totally understand how uncomfortable smiling can be…I still do it all the time because I don’t have much self control…but there are many times I’m very self conscious about it…needless to say, my kids will have perfect teeth if there’s anything I can do about it!

Kaitlyn, my daughter, had that hapepn, after a year or so it turned black and we had to have it pulled, but it was not biggie (still not) she looks cute with her gap

Anyone know the average cost of a power blheacing?I really need to have my teeth whitened, my next dental checkup is not for almost 2 months. I realize that insurance most likely will not cover this procedure, and would like to have a ballpark idea of the cost before I mention it to my dentist.I meant to have the procedure done in the dentist’s office. I do not want anything to go wrong.

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