New prosthetics! Nylon prosthesis.

New prosthetics! Nylon prosthesis.
Nylon prosthesis elastic, durable, flexible and most resistant to any pressures. For all its features nylon material for prosthetics exceeds all existing materials in dentistry.

Color prosthesis does not change over time, does not need refinishing. Nylon is a well-cleaned, do not cause allergies, he has no monomer.

Nylon prosthesis retains its characteristics in different operating conditions, with high humidity, exposure and at constant cyclic stresses. Such a prosthesis negigroskopichen, that is not absorbed the flora of the oral cavity.

Besides all the positive moments, nylon prostheses have number of shortcomings such as: 

• The complexity of manufacturing and polishing;
• The elasticity of the prosthesis affects the oral mucosa and alveolar processes – an accelerated atrophy; 
• Failure to conduct repairs and relocation of nylon prosthesis.
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Ronnie,I’m sure you know that I have had many interactions with your naptrer and find her to be a fabulous woman and advocate. Your message reads as a bit confrontational and scolding to me. I am not sure that’s what you meant, but that is how I have interpreted it. If that’s the case, I hope you take the time to really read what I write because what I see you implying here is way off base from who I am. I would only say that I think that we need to be very careful to make sure there is room for all opinions. Even if my opinion differs from yours, I still believe I deserve respect. You seem to have latched on to one sentence that I wrote, but I hope you read the entire post to see that my opinion was not singularly focused on one point. I’m glad you felt free to express your opinion here, but I caution against belittling a person who disagrees with you.Katie

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