New word in dentistry – ozone therapy

New word in dentistry - ozone therapy
Ozone therapy in dentistry can do incredible – get rid of the drill. Of course, this is only possible when the patient is regularly visited by his doctor because the doctor can catch the development of caries at the initial phase of the project. If the enamel and dentin is severely damaged, and the hole and the depth of detritus, which accumulate germs cavities, comparable in relative size to the Mariana Trench, there is virtually no machining is necessary.

Nevertheless, ozone therapy tooth decay – is a reality, which is actively used by anyone who hated the sound of a drill. The method of ozone therapy caries was born in Germany, which is very symbolic: all the revolutionary technologies of ozone in medicine in one way or another connected with Germany. First Institute of oxygen, the first blood ozonation, the first successful application in various fields of surgery – all these events took place in Germany.

Of course, the use of ozone treatment of caries is not limited. What can offer ozone therapy for dentists and their patients? Try to recall the main area of its application:
Sterilization cavities, tooth cavities (filled with pulp), root canals.
Treatment of aphthous ulcers, herpetic ulcers and other inflammatory diseases of the mucous membranes (stomatitis).
oral mucosa.
Treatment of Periodontal Disease
Treatment of pulpitis
Treatment of wounds of various origin
Treatment of hemorrhages (small chronic hemorrhages, for example, when pulpitis
Sterilization of the oral cavity before surgery
Processing and treatment of abrasions, as well as other types of damage caused by the wearing of dentures
Prevention of infection in diseases of dental system
Processing of the oral cavity before implantation of the teeth and other surgical procedures related to implantology and prosthetic dentistry.
Treatment of neuralgia (trigeminal nerve)

What is a modern dental equipment for ozone therapy? It is, above all, the compact, portable devices. Weight of modern devices (dental ozone generators) may not exceed 1 kg. In dentistry, usually used 2 types of apparatus for ozone therapy:
Apparatus for ozonation of water. It is this vysokoozonirovannaya water is used for sterilization of a flow method. The concentration of ozone in a water ranges from 10-100 micrograms per milliliter, as Various methods of treatment require substantial differences in the concentration of ozone. Electric Ozonizers this type are not only popular, but very reliable, simple and safe to use.
Apparatus for creating ozone-oxygen gas mixture. This equipment is also very popular and in demand. Time effects in the treatment usually does not exceed 30 seconds. Ozone-oxygen mixture under pressure is fed to the cavities that can achieve the maximum therapeutic effect.

Modern dental ozone generator allows the reliability of 99,9% to destroy all the microorganisms in the treated area. For the initial stages of tooth decay ozone therapy can not only halt the process, but not to resort to sealing of minor defects. In ozone-treated area shall only cover tooth enamel with a special compound that strengthens its walls and completely halt the further development of caries.
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The World Health Organization defines greneal dentistry as science and the art of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, injuries and defects of teeth, jaws and mouth ..

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