Proper nutrition will strengthen the teeth and gums. Recipes

Proper nutrition will strengthen the teeth and gums. Recipes
Want to strengthen teeth in the dental office, and with the help of proper nutrition? There is a tasty and healthy dishes that will help strengthen your teeth and gums. Here are some recipes: 

Spring salad 

Young leaves of nettles – 100 g, dandelion leaves – 80 g green onion – 20 g 

Wash and finely chop the young leaves of nettle leaves and dandelion. Add to them sliced green onions and pour vegetable oil. You can add boiled egg, salt to taste. 

Lettuce is rich in vitamins and microelements. Portion the salad contains a Daily Value for vitamin C and E, iron and iodine, a lot of magnesium and zinc. 
French salad beauty 

At 2 tbsp. spoon with the top chopped shoots of wheat and oat flakes, 6 tablespoons. spoons of boiled water, 3 tbsp. tablespoons boiling heated milk, 1 tbsp. teaspoon sugar, 1 large apple, juice of one lemon. 

Pour seeds and oat flakes with water, leave them for an hour. Then add milk, sugar and gall on a coarse grater, together with the skin of an apple. 
Salad with corn and carrot 

300 g boiled or canned corn, 100 g leeks, 1-2 small scale carrots, 1-2 celery root, 1 cucumber and 1 sweet pepper. 

Grate on coarse grater carrots and celery, mix with finely chopped leek, fresh cucumbers, sweet peppers and corn. Fill with mayonnaise or vegetable oil. 
Calcium salad 

250 g cheese, 250 g apples, 100 grams of celery, some parsley and dill, 4 st. tablespoons vegetable oil, 1 tbsp. tablespoon of vinegar. 

Apples Peel and seeds, cut into pieces. Cheese cut into small cubes. Celery rinse, boil them in salted water and finely chop. All products mix and pour in sauce, stir well with oil and vinegar. 
Dessert from sprouted wheat 

Germinated wheat grind mixer into a homogeneous mass. Turned to dessert, this mass can add different components: egg yolk, grated chocolate, crushed dried apricots, juice and zest of lemon, powdered sugar or any jam, jam. 

If you rub a little butter and mix with the masses prepared by adding 1 tea spoon of alcohol or vodka, then get cream for home cake. 
Vitamin C 

To get the Daily Value for vitamin C, enough to eat 100-150 g of fresh cabbage, one lemon (orange) or drink a brew (can in a water bath), 20 g of dried rosehip. 

Especially effective is the vitamin C in the presence of bioflavonoids – rutin and citrine. Routine is very much in the buckwheat, and citrine – to peel citrus. Many bioflavonoids in fruits of wild rose, buckthorn, blueberry, black currant.

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