Secret Hollywood smile revealed!

Secret Hollywood smile revealed!
 «Hollywood smile»: in nature there is no such 

At the last contest «Miss Russia» three contenders proudly smiling audience, showing braces. «Here it is, the influence of Katya Pushkareva!» – The patient thinks the old school. Yes and no. Favorite millions «ugly», of course, added the popularity of this invention, orthodontists, but before it «glands»’s teeth are touted by their personal example, Tom Cruise and Monica Lewinsky, Britney Spears and Cindy Crawford. What is it – «Fenya-Rys»? Fashion refinement? Or an alternative to the nightmare of our childhood – dental records? 


«Healthy» smile can be obtained by other, more radical methods. Artificial crowns, bridges, removable dentures (which, incidentally, people are afraid, according to Dr. Naumovich, quite wrong!). If there is no alternative, then the question arises about implantation – fully implanting an artificial tooth, from the root to «crown». However, there is its «but» – the state of bone tissue. If you own a tooth in the gums goes shaking, is it will be well fixed artificial? Bone tissue may decrease for many reasons: on the background of diabetes or cardiovascular disease, due to injury, due to the fact that you dragged to the adjacent teeth and prosthetic juxtahilar shell running on the principle of «hourglass», atrophied, and etc. In any case, if the panoramic image shows that the level of bone tissue – less than 1 cm, to the implantation of pointless. Otherwise, it will also be wasted money. 


In English the word «Staples» – special devices that can correct the situation dentition – appeared in Belarus 12 years ago. Today the market which just can not see: ceramic braces, metal braces, braces with gold plating, plastic and even sapphire! But this does not mean that «the era of dental records» came to an end. In bracket has its pluses and minuses. The main plus – is that because these devices can really pull a tooth almost ideal position. Throw in comfort and aesthetics: are staples outperform their predecessors, for example, the same plates. In any case, for the diction braces are not a hindrance. But the flip side: 


This thin, paper-thin, ceramic plates that are glued to the front surface of the tooth, giving it a flawless appearance. «Shells» – a lifeline when on the eve of an important trip you accidentally broke a tooth, and even several. A couple of hours at the dentist – and the problem was gone! But do not think that you have it decided once and for all. Especially if the «loss» serious. When the rate of destruction – 50 to 50, the doctor may still offer veneers. But when a tooth is damaged more than half, veneers mask the problem for 3 – 4 months and it will still end prostheses. And you finally overpay almost doubled. According to Seeds Naumovich, in the arsenal of dentists there and soon you see material that would give perfect «grip». Therefore, the patient should know the truth: veneer will stand over a year, two or three years – if very lucky. Still, one fine day break! 

Braces can be set only after the child formed a permanent bite – that is, not until 11,5 – 13 years. You can not put braces and too late – when there is already a problem with dental tissue, which begins to degenerate: collapse faster than the form. This can only weaken the tooth, with all the dramatic consequences. 

Problems can occur with fixing materials, through which and attach the bracket. If the glue is not the same, it is possible side effects – softened enamel until the appearance of caries. 

Brackets should not be worn for years. In orthodontics is the golden rule: if properly located tooth gets to the desired location, for example six months, then the effect of consolidating the achievements to twice as long. The tooth does not like when he once again worried. And if you wear the device in an uncontrolled – «beauty» or «reliability», it has detrimental effect on the fabric of the root of the tooth, periodontium. This is fraught with irreversible consequences. On the other hand, whether it makes sense to continue treatment braces, if a year and a half, you have not achieved the desired? 

According to dentists, braces, like the plate, ideal to 21 years, when the skeleton are not yet fully formed. Then the bone becomes stiff, and often already powerless any orthodontic devices. In such cases, resort to support operations. «Know-how» Department of Orthopedic Dentistry – Application of the laser: a bone drill microscopic holes, which makes it more plastic, two weeks later, impose a special apparatus. Minimal trauma, and what effect! Tooth at a given position moves three times faster. 

32 pearls 

«Hollywood smile» – the dream of everyone. Sami stars in the meantime visit the dentist, just as we do. Perhaps even more. They in fact the mass fads. 

For example, Ksenia Sobchak, does not like to remember the times of his boyhood. Seen far was to shape the current diva of the St. Petersburg girl who at the insistence of parents’ attitude braces inside and out. Boris Moiseyev, conversely, makes no secret of his smile. Fortunately, it is problematic «zuboryad» fans trio «Expression» still remember the mid 80’s. Now, «fallen angel» not just shines white implants. This path to «Hollywood smile», rumored to be paved for Russia’s pop stars none other like Alla Pugacheva. Hope Babkina its Shcherbinka between teeth simply mask the special crowns. New generation of rich and famous public remembers only with perfect teeth. However, experts argue that Hollywood dazzling «shine» in itself raises suspicion – in fact this does not happen in nature! Here at Tina Kandelaki smile – just a feast for the eyes. «But do not put it to the arm by her husband, a dentist?» – Gossip in the corridors. What Tina flaunts brilliantikom in the tooth, only adds fuel to the fire. 

And you know that curious? In Hollywood, where actually born aesthetic dentistry, in a fashion rather than «ideal» are «natural» teeth, ie, with tiny natural defects. For authenticity. One of the first, as always, was Madonna, had already ordered his doctor Shcherbinka. But this is so, stellar fun. Ordinary American housewife dreaming of the opposite – the special linings, copies of the smiles of celebrities. Some one thousand dollars – and gleaming teeth, the second Jessica Simpson or Cameron Diaz!

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OK, how about this- two of my wisdom teeth haven’t etruped yet! Does having half of my wisdom (teeth) make it dangerous?!Soon Anush will have her own teeth in her hand to learn more from.:)

Thanks for the tip about the Sara Groves song “Just Showed Up for My Own Life”. I am not a Christian music listener and have never heard of this artsit, but I went on iTunes to get the song after checking out the lyrics on her website. I’m glad I did. It is beautiful.-Angela

While I was playing basekt ball, I slipped and my tooth got broken. I couldn’t meet my dentist as it was a holiday for the clinic. So I took some Dental wax and applied it on my broken tooth so that it avoids contact with my tongue and lips which will lead to pain in the area. I got a great from the pain after doing this.

Chris and Dale, Thank you for sharing the phoots with us. They are so adorable we now need to play with them. Now we want to see the boys!! Lots of love you have really been blessed. [url=]kgmqnzify[/url] [link=]puyerdxinxy[/link]

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