Special exercises for the prevention of dento-maxillary anomalies and deformities

Special exercises for the prevention of dento-maxillary anomalies and deformities
Restoring normal function of muscles is achieved through special exercises. The principle of prevention ZCHA with mio-exercises involves training the under-developed muscles, which allows you to normalize the function of muscle antagonists and synergist. 

Gymnastic exercises for the muscles surrounding the tooth rows, as a method of orthodontic prophylaxis were offered Rogers in 1917

Exercises chosen taking into account the child’s age. They should not be too difficult to understand, it is desirable to convert them into the game. Children can do gymnastics, both individually and collectively, in kindergartens and schools. Monitoring of the exercises lies with the parents or caregivers and medical personnel.
Complex miogimnasticheskih exercises:

1. Violation of posture and to exercise the proper way to breath – morning gym complex;
2. For the normalization of swallowing:
a) mouth closed, teeth clenched, tongue is raised – to squeeze it to the front section of the hard palate in the field of dental tubercles of the upper front teeth and then swallow the saliva;
b) The same exercise with a sip of water;
c) the clatter;
g) yawning;
d) rinsing the throat;
3. Training circular muscles of the mouth:
a) when of closed lips inflate his cheeks, then slowly squeeze the air with their fists through the compressed lips;
b) close his lips, while preventing this little fingers in the corners of his mouth;
c) play on children’s wind instruments;
d) a whistle;
d) exercises with devices:
• vestibular plate Shonhera;
• activator Dass;
• drive Frielya (spases); 
• hand-clasp.
4. Exercises for the muscles, which pushes forward the lower jaw:
• jaw slowly move forward until incisive overlap;
• same with turning the head to the right, left.
5. Exercises for the muscles, raising the lower jaw:
• lips closed, teeth clenched, to increase pressure on the teeth reduced masticatory muscles in the central occlusion;
• same with the resistance (wand, eraser). In conjunction with therapeutic exercises massage beneficial effect, whereby in the alveolar process and dentition can install them in the dentition in the presence of the place. Massage alveolar bone in impacted teeth stimulates their eruption.

Survey of dental status of children in the first year of life and during the formation of temporary and permanent dentition is necessary for an objective assessment and specific recommendations for prevention and early treatment of malocclusion.
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I have the same problem. Usually, if you cncelh in the morning, changes are you may do it at night and not know about it. I cncelh and grind morning+night. My dentist showed me my xrays and it was causing my teeth to be worn down and moving forward. Also a few chips. I got a mouth guard to try to control it. You can get one at the drugstore or at the dentist. You just wear it and it prevents the bottom and top teeth from touching so it prevents from damaging further. I’ve been wearing one for about a year. Sometimes all day when I am at home. I got use to the feeling and now when I cncelh, I am reminded of my mouthguard and cncelh less often. I suggest gettting one. Good luck!

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Merry Christmas Ella! Glad to hear your daughter is felieng better. Thanks for sharing the videos, I plan on watching them with my kids later when my son is done playing video games. 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Glad your daughter is doing betetr, Ella. Hope your holiday season continues to be lovely and love-filled. I am off to NYC in a couple of days, so will be clearing up Christmas and preparing for the new year. Blessings!KIM

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