Teeth whitening at home and in the dental clinic

Teeth whitening at home and in the dental clinic
Teeth whitening – the most demanded cosmetic dental procedure. Bleaching – cosmetic procedure, because it is designed to enhance your appearance – to reduce discoloration and discoloration of the teeth and get a radiant, snow-white smile. 

You might feel that your teeth are too dark, and never will be again, bright white, but cosmetic dentists involved in these procedures, achieve amazing results using the latest technologies bleaching. 

The darkening of the teeth and the appearance of stains on them – a fairly common problem. Teeth has a porous, so they are unstable to the effects of pigments. Red wine, soda, coffee and tea, as the rest of the food and drinks over time affect the discoloration of teeth. Significant influence on the color of teeth can have taking medication, such as the antibiotic tetracycline, with the result that the teeth are yellow, with a grayish tinge. The teeth of smokers can change the color of all, if not promptly take appropriate action. 

Cleaning the teeth is not in itself can cause teeth to shine once again, faded as a result of prolonged exposure to substances that change their color. In fact, people with blackened teeth are often too intense brush their teeth in an effort to remove stains that only leads to damage of enamel. 

Analysis of teeth whitening 
The most common teeth bleaching leads to good results. Theoretically, the dentist can make your teeth whiter in 14 shades, correcting significant darkening. 

Sometimes a violation tooth color is so strong that only bleach can not completely eliminate the problem. In such situations, you may need bleach in conjunction with the installation of porcelain veneers on selected heavily blackened teeth. The variant with only the porcelain veneers without bleaching. Consult with your doctor to decide which method is right for you. Your doctor will also advise you about a week to avoid coloring foods and beverages, as well as to refrain from smoking. 

Whitening teeth: home or in the doctor’s office. 
Tooth whitening can be done in the doctor’s office, and independently at home. It is believed that the doctor doctor bleaching is faster and more efficiently, but many prefer to bleach at home, as it is easier and cheaper. What is the difference between the two procedures? 

Tooth whitening doctor 
The advantage of tooth whitening in the dental office that is safe, fast and effectively. Typically, your teeth whitened by 8-10 shades in 45 minutes, dramatically improving your appearance for the shortest period of time. To determine the most appropriate degree of whiteness to your teeth during the consultation, using a table of tones. In this sense, whitening in the dental office is unique because the doctor is able to better control the process of acquiring the desired tint your teeth white. 

In the course of whitening you will provide full comfort, while the teeth prepared for it. The doctor uses a special barrier to tissue (protective device of a gel or rubber) to protect the fabric of your lips and gums from the action of the whitening gel. Applying the whitening gel occurs in three phases during subsequent visits. To activate the whitening gel uses a special lamp which accelerates the whitening process. After you leave the gel on the teeth for 15 minutes. 

Teeth whitening at home. 
Despite the fact that many whiten teeth at once – in the doctor’s office, some prefer to do it at home. The most effective whitening system at home – a kit containing a highly gel prescribed by your dentist. Most of these kits contains a special mouthparts cells, which are filled with whitening gel and placed on the teeth for the period up to 4 hours While the described system for bleaching is most suitable for the home environment, you may want to use a less expensive and sold over the counter teeth whitening kit. This set may contain a whitening gel and the cell for its use or bleaching strips, which are placed on the teeth. 

Teeth whitening at home need to be spent for several hours during the 5-14 days, and the result is not so evident as in bleaching the doctor. 

Bleaching has become so popular that many toothpastes and dentifrices containing bleaching ingredients. 

Bleaching with toothpaste – an inexpensive and relatively ineffective method of whitening. 

Your dentist can help determine which of the methods of whitening will most meet your aesthetic goals. 

The cost of tooth whitening 
In general, the cost of procedures depends on many factors, including: 
The doctor performing the procedure. 
Where is the procedure. 
Chosen method of whitening. 
The presence or absence of insurance procedures (as a rule, cosmetic dentistry is not included in the list of insurance cases) 

On average, the cost of the procedure is approximately $ 450, the result is stored six months or more. 

Maintaining your snow-white smile 
To extend the maximum effect from the procedure, it is important to maintain the purity of oral hygiene (brushing and flossing after each meal) and try to avoid the most common causes of tooth discoloration (coffee, tea, red wine, etc.). To avoid staining of teeth, dentists often suggest using a straw – even at use of coffee or tea. Smokers who want to whiten their teeth, advise to quit smoking, to avoid smoking-induced change in color of teeth. Discuss this with your dentist considerations at the first consultation.

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