The best means of toothache

The best means of toothache
Tips folk medicine

For the treatment and prevention in dentistry is widely disseminated these drugs (which, incidentally, can be cooked at home), as infusions, tinctures, decoctions perforated St. John’s wort, calendula, nettle, yarrow, plantain.

In the treatment of gingivitis, inflammatory forms of periodontitis, aphthous stomatitis very well apply kolanhoe juice and ointment, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and epiteliziruyuschee action.

Even ordinary tea (or even better green) may help patients with inflammatory processes occurring in periodontal disease, ulcers, allergic and aphthous stomatitis.

When gums bleed, it is recommended to wipe the powder from burnt alum and salt.

To get rid of periodontitis, the gums rubbing honey mixed with salt: 20 g of honey 5-10 g of salt and carefully stir to dissolve.

When paradontosis loosening of gums and other tooth powder mixed with powdered root calamus (calamus 0,5 g per reception) and brush their teeth 3 times a day.

When stomatitis rinse the mouth and throat infusion of lime blossom. Sugar and 1 cup cold water 1 tablespoon lime blossom, insist 5 hours, drain and add 5 g of purified drinking soda.

The defeat of the mucous membranes of the mouth and gums cure consumption of fresh strawberries or rinsing the mouth and throat with lemon juice, diluted with water.

If paradontosis rinse the mouth aqueous alcoholic extract of propolis: 20 drops in a glass of water.

1. Rinse your teeth with warm infusion of sage, trying as much as possible to keep the liquid in the mouth of the patient’s tooth. Cooled infusion should be changed. This procedure should be repeated three to five times within 30 minutes.

2. A slice of pork (no salt) to exert on the sore spot between the cheek and gum and hold in the mouth for about 15-20 minutes, until the pain does not subside.

3. Put in the ear of the diseased tooth root of a plantain and keep it up stihaniya pain.

4. Grate the wrist to the inside of the garlic. Then garlic, finely crumble, tie him to the pulse, tightly bandaged hand. When a toothache is felt on the right side, then the garlic is tied to his left hand and vice versa.

5. Finely crumble slice of onion, wrapped in a thin cotton cloth and put in the ear of the patient’s tooth.

6. Keep the mouth about the patient’s tooth in milk broth green makovok.

7. Put on an aching tooth piece sorrel.

When inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth

1. 2 parts dry mint, 2 pieces dried chamomile, 2 parts paprika combine in a jar, fill with alcohol, cover and leave to infuse for 2-3 weeks. Then filter it and add brandy crystal menthol or 2-3 drops of mint oil. This fluid lubricate inflammation of the mouth.

2. Pour a cup of hot water and several times a day, rinse your mouth.
When looseness and bleeding gums

Should rinse infusion of flowers roses on vodka.

When periostitis

1. Rinse, delaying a little longer in the mouth, the infusion of calamus root in vodka.

2. Rub the gum with juice of plantain or rinse your mouth infusion of the same grass.

3. Put in a tree berry cherry or a slice of incense, but not keep long, minute 5-10.
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