The most harmless and safe teeth whitening

The most harmless and safe teeth whitening
Why do teeth darken? The most common causes of teeth discoloration are aging, consumption of any coloring products (coffee, tea, colas), smoking, intake of some antibiotics. Return the snow-white smile will whitening system Zoom. 

In one procedure tooth whitening system Zoom teeth are enlightened by 4-8 shades. The main ingredient of Zoom whitening system is not hydrogen peroxide, as in most systems, and carbamide peroxide. Unlike other methods of tooth whitening, this method is applied using bezkislotnogo whitening gel, which eliminates damage to the enamel. And the use of the spectrum of a certain length of radiation to eliminate the «overheat» nerve in the tooth. 

The procedure for Zoom whitening system is quite simple and includes the following steps: 

• Identify initial color of teeth on the scale. 
• Cleaning of bleached teeth (or all the teeth) technology Air-Flow. 
• Isolation of the lips and gums. 
• Applying the whitening gel Zoom. 
• Activation of the gel (specially selected light). 
• bleaching gel remover. 
• 5 minute fluoride treatment. 

This whitening procedure takes just one hour, but you will be shocked by the result. This type of whitening is absolutely harmless to the teeth, which is confirmed by the results of clinical studies. 

Patients who take drugs that cause photosensitivity, it is necessary before the procedure, consult with your doctor. Zoom teeth whitening system is not recommended for persons under 13 years old and pregnant and lactating women.

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