The whole truth about floss

The whole truth about floss
Certainly, you read somewhere or heard that the use of dental floss (floss) can reduce the risk of caries (interdental) to 80%. Yes, 80%, it is true, statistics. It’s true, statistics. 
Use of floss you will take 5 minutes a day, but the result is the same …. Yes, yes, 80%. Remember this. 

Floss (Floss) are designed to thoroughly remove plaque and food debris from interdental spaces. 
Floss consist of a fine nylon or other polymer fibers, connected by gluing or mechanical twisting. Floss are available in packages, excluding the contamination inside the yarn used. The packaging indicates the length, thickness and other characteristics of the thread. 
The main components of dental floss are microcrystalline wax (if the thread voskovannaya), glycerol Ōmachi, kastrovoe hydrogenated oil, saccharin or saharinovaya acid or mint flavoring additive, and a number of components. 

Classification of floss. 

The shape of the cross-section: 

– Round 
– Flat (flat wire and interdental tape) 

Round threads recommended for patients with large gaps between teeth. 
Flat threads are designed for those whose teeth are close to each other. 

Interdental strip – is a broad thread, nor what its composition is different from the floss. Interdental strip about three times wider than dental floss. Interdental strip is designed for cleaning teeth with large gaps (diastema, tremmy). 

2. Surface treatment. 

– Waxed 
– Nevoschenye 

Waxed thread have a high sliding ability, easily penetrate into the interdental spaces, durable against rupture and razvolokneniya. Waxed thread is recommended for patients with tight contacts between the teeth, with lots of fillings. 

Nevoschenye filaments have better cleaning ability as compared to wax, because using razvoloknyayutsya. This provides more contact with the surface of the tooth. Fibers effectively remove plaque from the interdental space. Advantage nevoschenyh pitey is also an opportunity for consumers to determine the quality of treatment by the characteristic squeak floss on a clean tooth enamel 

3 In the presence of soaking. 

-without impregnation 
– Impregnated 

Floss impregnated with a therapeutic and prophylactic compositions, except for having a cleaning, an additional effect due to the properties of the drug: strengthen tooth enamel in remote places (sodium fluoride), inhibit the growth of pathogenic microflora (chlorhexidine), dezodiruyut (menthol), etc. 

4 The intended use. 

-for personal use 
– For use in a dental office. 

HOW flossing? 

1.Iz tape stretched 30-40 cm floss. 

2. Most of the floss is wound on the middle finger of his left hand. 

3. The rest of the floss is wound on the middle finger of his right hand so that the period of the threads between the fingers was a length of about 10 cm 

4. Floss stretched index finger and thumb and gently introduced into the space between the teeth. 

5.Chistitsya surface of the tooth movements in the direction to the cutting edge (chewing surface), 

6.snizu up for the lower jaw, 

7.sverhu down to the upper jaw. tooth. 

8.Posle this is derived from the floss under the gum, but not removed from the interdental spaces. 

9. Similarly, clean the surface of the adjacent tooth. 

10. After cleaning floss is derived from the gap between the teeth. 

11. The procedure is repeated for all teeth. 

12. The spent part floss is wound on the middle finger of his right hand. 

13.S finger of his left hand while unrolling a new segment of the filament. After cleaning floss is derived from the gap between the teeth. 

14. Just do not forget one thing: part of a thread by clearing one contact surface of the tooth must not be reused. 40 cm is enough for this.

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I started viisting the dentist for regular checkup every 6 months about 10 years ago. In the past 2 years, I visit the dentist once every 9 months as I find that 6 monthly visit is too short a time frame for me. In addition, also to cut cost as for a normal cleaning and polishing now cost around $80 (private dentist).I also started flossing my teeth before retiring to bed for the past 5 years. Initially, it was difficult to do it everyday as I tend to get lazy. However, overtime I realise that if I floss regularly I will have an easier time during the regular checkup as my dentist has cleaning and polishing to do. When I floss less regularly my dentist will take longer time to clean and polish my teeth.Just like brushing your teeth first thing in the morning if you don’t do it you will think that something is not right. I believe good dental health can cultivated and in time to come it will become a habit. Merlion

Dental health knlgoedwe is quite lacking here compared to Western country. I am also a late starter. If I knew the importance of dental floss or interdental brush 35 years earlier, my teeth/gum will not cost so much to maintain now.Dental floss is much more effective than brushing in term of oral hygiene. The amount of food debris left inside your mouth overnight can be plentiful if you only use tooth brush 2 times a day. Dental floss can effectively remove most of this harmful debris in our mouth to cut down decay and mouth odour problem. By visiting your dentist twice a year, you can pretty sure your teeth polished and cleaned on top of normal brushing. Don’t forget gum health which is the most critcal to overall oral health. Loh

Cleaning at a dentist is uslulay $80 and up…right now, my dentist is having a special deal, to encourage people to take better care of their teeth. They have a scaling and polishing package at only $200 for 4 sessions, transferable and valid for one year.You can call and check, it’s a fabulous deal, and they are very gentle. My friend with black tar stains got all his tobacco stains removed in one session, he was very happy!We even took a video of the whole process.Tooth AngelsThe Central #b1-01(Clarke Quay MRT, Exit F )Tel: 62226220I tried the interdental brush too, but wasn’t very good at controlling it, so I kinda made my gums bleed 🙁 Sticking to flossing and regular cleaning at Tooth Angels, my dentist!

Enamel is one of the toughest parts of our human body but it does not mean that it can’t be worn down. I have thin enmael due to teeth griding at sleep when young which adds cost of maintenance. With inadequate cover of enmael, you will be sensitive to cold and hot food, and lose the interest in eating in later stage. Polishing and scaling by qualified dentist will not damage enmael unless people opt for chemical whitening or physical polishing. These treatments are enmael damaging, popular only for asethetic purpose but not oral health.Loh [url=]juddwu[/url] [link=]xjgrevsexej[/link]

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