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dental bleaching
Bleaching – a process of removing pigments from the dental hard tissues without affecting their structure by means of special active compounds, urea peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. During the procedure, oxygen, which penetrates the enamel and dentin of the tooth and whiten them, with the shade of the tooth becomes lighter. 

Causes of discoloration of teeth: 
natural aging; 
the use of dyes (tea, coffee, cola, tabakkrasnoe wine); 
older restoration; 
hereditary factors; 
excessive amount of fluoride in drinking water during the bookmarks and the formation of permanent teeth. 

There are several types of professional whitening: office bleaching (in clinic), home bleaching under the supervision of a physician and fotootbelivanie (bleaching system ZOOM). 

Office whitening: 

This is a good way to get immediate results. Before the procedure on the gums and lips applied protective gel. Then the teeth are covered by the basic gel, which is activated with a laser or high intensity light. The process takes 1-2 hours, the results are visible immediately after the procedure. 

Home whitening: 

Your dentist will remove prints and fabricate mouthguards, which are usually dressed for the night, and will issue them with peroxide or peroksikarbamidnym gel. This procedure may take several weeks. This method is used as a laser instead of bleaching, and for a longer preservation of its results. 

Bleaching ZOOM: 

Reliable, secure and convenient ZOOM teeth whitening system uses bleach on the basis of hydrogen peroxide in combination with a special lamp. Initially applied to the teeth whitening gel – ZOOM, which is activated by light lamps and affects the enamel of your teeth, bleaching and cleaning it. Solution (gel ZOOM) is removed after an hour and subsequent treatment with fluorine. 


Bleaching – is the safest procedure in aesthetic dentistry. Virtually no complications. However, some patients within 1-3 days after the procedure may experience a temporary increase in tooth sensitivity to cold. But in any case, each whitening procedure ends the active fluorination of teeth to prevent these unpleasant symptoms. 

Recommendations after bleaching: 
In the first 2 weeks after the procedure, teeth whitening is not subject to harmful factors – smoking, drinking coffee, tea, red wine. 
Subsequently, we advise not to abuse products containing the active dyes – coffee, tea, cola, red wine, tobacco. 
Some patients to achieve the best effect to repeat the procedure once every 1-2 years.

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