Treatment of quinsy with bee products

Treatment of quinsy with bee products
Treatment of quinsy with bee products 

To bee products include honey, propolis, etc. All of them are very useful for the organism, have anti-inflammatory and tonic, and can be used not only for the treatment of quinsy, but also for its prevention. 

Probably no one who would not hear of such a unique natural product, honey. Since childhood, many remember him special, either with the incomparable taste, when they were given cold drink warm milk with sweet honey. Since the beginning of its existence, first, people used honey not only as food but also as a remedy. This eloquent surviving monuments of ancient culture. For example, in the tomb of Tutankhamen was found the vessel, which contained some substance. The most incredible was the fact that after 3000 years, scientists have been able to establish that it is honey, and he has not lost its basic properties! 

There is evidence that at the burial of the Egyptians sometimes completely submerged body in honey, and it is well preserved thanks to high antiseptic preservative properties of this natural product. 

The famous Pythagoras – Ancient Greek mathematician who lived about 580-500 years. BC. e., explained his extraordinary longevity of the constant use of honey. His opinion is shared by the philosopher Democritus (460 – 370 years. BC. E.), Who has lived more years 1S0 l said that to preserve the health «insides should irrigate honey …». In ancient Rome in 130-200 years. Mr. e. well-known physician Galen was an active supporter of medolecheniya many diseases. Famous naturalist, poet and physician Ibn Sina, better known as Avicenna, who lived in the years 980-1037., Said: «If you want to keep you young, make sure you eat honey». This is an indication of regular use of honey in the first place, he addressed the people, whose age exceeds 45 years. Recommendations medolecheniyu were given and the founder of scientific medicine Hippocrates. 

One of the oldest treatises on matters of medicine, says: «Honey heals all internal organs, generates a force, removes the heat … extended its use strengthens the will, gives ease the body, retains his youth, prolonging life years ». 

To have survived the certificate using this valuable product by physicians of Egypt, Rome, Greece and other countries. 

It is known that more than 500 recipes for medicaments that are used in folk medicine of Egypt, included the wax and honey. 

Honey and bee products such as royal jelly, propolis, pollen and bee venom (less is known about them a wide range of readers) – a whole treasure chest of unique natural substances that if used properly, can literally work miracles, putting sick people on their feet, healing of various ailments. To use these wonderful natural substances are almost no contraindications, although in some cases, admission of honey may occur an allergic reaction. 

Natural bee honey – a unique food product with great taste and nutritional qualities. Along with this widely known and its healing properties. It is hard to say exactly how long people began to use honey as a medicine, but we know that this valuable product was always in demand. 

In Russia, for centuries people knew about the tasty and healing honey and widely used it to restore health in many diseases and for the healing of wounds. This is evidenced by preserved ancient Russian handwritten lechebnik. Honey glorified in Russian epics like tasty food and medical healing tool. 

In fact, it is a remarkable natural remedy has been extremely widespread and is the only product having a sweet taste, not counting the berries and fruits. 

Recently noticeable growing interest in bee products, and in particular to honey. Now is not the only evidence of the national experience, but rigorous scientific data are eloquent about the exclusive benefits that can bring this product to human body. 

There are many dietary meals that use honey. The most useful ones in which honey was not cooked, because it is already at 60 ° C, valuable enzymes begin to break down and a loss of many useful medicinal qualities of the product. 

If any kind of porridge, add honey, then taste and caloric content of food will increase dramatically. Honey is added to various vitamin paste, fruit and vegetable soups, milk and cheese dishes, all kinds of jellies, fruit salads, juices, cocktails, milk and other beverages. 

Sometimes when buying honey, for example on the market, there are doubts as to the naturalness and quality. In some cases, to sell low-quality honey, and capitalize on this, it adds various impurities. Most often this padevy honey, water, fruit juice, starch, sugar beet or corn syrup, sugar syrup, inverted sugar, saccharin and starch. There are cases when an additive is used chalk and sand. 

Needless to say, that adulterated honey is of low quality, and sometimes quite unsuitable either as food, let alone as a drug. To avoid mistakes when buying honey, you need to know some ways and signs to help you determine his naturalness and presence of impurities: 
– The taste of honey is sweet, nemn6: go sour, but pleasant, should cause slight irritation of the mucous membranes of the mouth; 
– Benign honey has a nice unique flavor that can be enhanced by slightly heating it in a water bath; 
– Liquid and slabovyazkim is svezhevykachanny honey, which begins to crystallize after 1-2 months; 
– If the storage of honey is stratified, forming 2 layers of different consistencies, from the bottom – sugar-coated layer on top – siropopodobny, it means that honey not ripe, and contains an excessive amount of moisture. Such honey can be stored for a long time, because it could sour quickly; 
– Benign mature honey crystallizes tightly and evenly; 
– Honey can be transparent and colorless (Clover and Acacia), light amber (white), amber (Sunflower), dark-amber (buckwheat), dark (padevy); 
– Falsification of honey shows staining of 30% aqueous solution of honey you add to it a few drops of iodine (or iodine solution) in blue, which indicates the impurity starch or flour. These products are sometimes added to mimic the crystallization; 
– Add gelatin (falsification viscosity) reveal instillation of 30% aqueous solution of 5-10 drops of honey, 5% solution of tannin concentration. It forms white flakes; 
– To avoid buying a drunken honey (it occurs in regions of the Caucasus), keep in mind that the type he practically does not differ from benign, but has a faint aroma, feel the smell of burned sugar. For the removal of such honey is heated at a pressure of 60-67 mm Hg. Art. to a temperature of 45-50 ° C; 
– Padevogo mixture of honey in a flower is determined with the help of special tests. To do this, honey is dissolved in distilled water in a ratio of 1: 1, add 6 parts 96% purified rectified. If the observed turbidity of the solution, then, in the flower honey present padevy. 

There is another way to determine the impurities fall down, at which the test sample of honey is also dissolved in distilled water in a ratio of 1: 1, add 2 parts lime water and heated to boiling. Education flakes indicates impurity 
– To detect impurities of sand samples taken from the bottom of the vessel, dissolved water in proportion 1: 5 or 1: 2 (solution genuine honey should be slightly cloudy). After that, sand or other mechanical impurities to precipitate; 
– Admixture of chalk to reveal the addition of a sample of vinegar or acid. It can be seen foaming honey; 
– With an accuracy to distinguish honey because of that added sugar, is through examination in the laboratory. But it should be noted that the sugar honey crystallization weak, fine-grained, sometimes it does not come at all. He often has a whitish hue, almost no floral scent, often smells like old honeycombs. The taste of this honey has no tartness, texture differs adhesiveness. Sugar honey is not stored, quickly turn sour, and totally devoid of medicinal properties. 

Bee honey is very useful for diseases of maxillary sinusitis. Its regular use has on the weakened disease organism tremendous healing effects. Daily Taking into at least 1 teaspoon of honey, can reduce the risk of sinusitis, but in combination with other therapeutic drugs – to cure him. 

However, remember that honey has unique healing effect only if it has not been subjected to heat treatment and worked out the bees are not from sugar syrup, and from flower nectar. 

Honey – a product created by bees in the process of digestion, in which the floral nectar undergoes fermentation to the evaporation of excess water. The complex sugar (sucrose) are changed, becoming a simple: glucose and fructose. 
According to the chemical composition of honey is very diverse and complex. 

It found more than 300 different substances: organic acids and their salts, carbohydrates, nitrogenous compounds (proteins, amino acids, amines, amides), many minerals, vitamins, hormones, enzymes, higher alcohols, essential oils, terpinoidy, sterols and phosphatides other lipids, salts of mineral acids, dextrin, etc. 

Honey, thanks to its uniqueness, has a wide range of healing properties. Assimilation of honey body is 100%. This high-calorie product – a valuable source of carbohydrates, containing almost all trace elements and vitamins that are needed to man. All the components of honey, valuable in themselves, are, moreover, in a balanced ratio, making their properties are especially effective and beneficial to human health. 

This honey is valued and for their antifungal, antibiotic properties. When you receive a honey with glucose contained in it, increases immunity and ability to fight infection. Moreover, glucose is very nutritious.

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