Types of toothbrushes

Types of toothbrushes
he toothbrush is the main tool for removing sediment from the surface of the teeth and gums. It is known that the peoples of Asia, Africa and South America have used devices such as a toothbrush, another 300-400 years BC. e. Toothbrushes were used in Russia around the XVIII century. Currently, there are many models of toothbrushes whose mission is to remove plaque from smooth and occlusal surfaces of teeth. The toothbrush consists of a handle and working parts (heads) with located on her beams setae. Types of toothbrushes different shape and size of pens and working parts, the location and density, length and quality of the bristles. For toothbrushes use natural bristle or synthetic fiber (nylon, setron, Perlon, dederlon, polyurethane, etc.). However, compared with a synthetic fiber, natural bristles are a number of disadvantages: the presence of the median channel filled with micro-organisms, the difficulty of the content of carbon brushes clean and inability to perfectly smooth processing of all bristles and complexity make it a certain rigidity. Efficiency of the toothbrush is determined by the correct individual selection because of its hardness, size of brush fields, form and frequency fibers. 
There are five degrees of hardness of toothbrushes:
• Very tough;
• Hard;
• Average;
• Soft;
• Very soft.
Recommendations for patients to use a toothbrush to some extent the rigidity of a strictly individual. The most commonly used brushes of medium hardness. Typically, children’s toothbrushes are made of very soft or soft fibers. Toothbrushes same degree of rigidity is recommended for patients with periodontal lesion. Hard and very hard toothbrushes can be recommended only to people with healthy periodontal tissues, however, if the wrong method of cleaning, they can injure the gums and cause abrasion of dental hard tissues.
It should be noted that medium-firm brush and soft most effective, because the bristles they are more flexible and better penetrate the interdental spaces, fissures of teeth and subgingivals areas. 
The value of the working part determines the ability of the toothbrush to clean all tooth surfaces, even hard. At the present time (for both adults and children) is recommended to use the brush with a small head, which is easily manipulated in the oral cavity. Its dimensions for children – 18-25 mm, for adults – no more than 30 mm, with fibers arranged in bundles, which is usually in 3 or 4 rows. This arrangement of fibers allows for better clean all surfaces of the teeth.

There are many models of toothbrushes with different forms of the working part.
Toothbrushes with V – shaped planting bundles of fibers should be used for cleaning plaque from the contact surfaces of teeth in persons with extensive interdental spaces. In most cases, the working part of the toothbrush has tufts of bristles of varying heights: longer (soft) on the periphery, shorter – in the center.
New models have a power toothbrush ledge for a better purification of molars and deep penetration into the interdental spaces, as well as the active cavity, which allows to clean all surfaces of the teeth and massages in the attached gingiva. Some heads of toothbrushes consist of a combination of bundles of bristles of different height and placed under different angles to the base. Each group of beams contributes to a more careful removal of plaque in one or another of the dentition. Direct high-fiber cleanse plaque in interdental spaces, short – in the fissure. Bundles of fibers, located in an oblique direction, penetrating the tooth-gingival sulcus, removes plaque from the cervical region. New models of toothbrushes often display two series of bundles of fibers stained with colored food dyes. As the use of brushes is their discoloration. The signal to replace the brushes – discoloration on 1 / 2 height of the bristles, which typically occurs within 2-3 months at a daily half board clean your teeth.
Forms handles of toothbrushes can also be different: straight, curved, spoon figurative and others, however, its length should be sufficient to ensure maximum comfort when cleaning teeth. 
There are toothbrushes, who when cleaning teeth (within 2-3 minutes) changes the original color pens. Such a model appropriate to recommend a toothbrush for children that makes it possible to teach the child brush their teeth properly. Same property have toothbrushes that have a handle mounted rattle. With the right (vertical) movements of brush making a sound, while the horizontal (incorrect) toothbrush “silent”.
Electric toothbrushes – with their help made a circular motion or vibration automatic ¬ zheniya working parts, it allows you to thoroughly remove plaque and massage gums at the same time exercise. Application of an electric toothbrush may be recommended for children with disabilities or patients with a lack of dexterity (dexterity).
Additional means of oral hygiene are toothpicks, dental thread (floss), special toothbrushes and brushes.
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16 the unit sometimes! So alawys take the time to choose your toothbrush in price / quality ratio! We talk more often and new models of brushes for teeth are real treasures of technology. So just a ts An electric toothbrush or manual toothbrush All dentists will tell you, to have a healthy mouth

Barbara, if you floss regularly you may want to look into water picks which are a great way to wash food out from bewteen your teeth without adding more plastic to the landfill. Keep in mind, water picks do not replace flossing. Remember, your dentist should always have the final word on your oral health!

Conduct online raceersh carefully: As accuracy is fundamental in any medical article, you should conduct raceersh only from reliable websites, such as those sponsored by educational institutions, medical organisations or governments. Some good sources for medical articles are the US National Library of Medicine and The American Medical Association. Another good online source is The Web MD, even though it is not a professional medical association website. Avoid using Wikipedia or other doubtful websites that constantly pop up in the top positions of search engine results.

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