Accustom children to clean your teeth

Accustom children to clean your teeth
Accustom children to clean your teeth
Despite the increasingly rising level of dental culture, which complicates the work of a dentist, as very complicated and difficult to get care for their teeth a child who is not familiar with the ritual of brushing. This conclusion dentists did not come by chance, because the term «functional illiteracy» increasingly sounds like a characteristic of modern man. Sociologists say people are functionally illiterate, unable to fulfill their basic social and life responsibilities. It is the responsibilities of life both adults and children do not find the time, and often do not want to find it, because there is no motivation. The teeth do not brush their parents, that means that children do not receive a positive example. If parents do not focus on hygiene, do not teach a child to brush your teeth in the family is not the cult of hygiene and cleanliness, so there are no toothbrushes, toothpaste, baby outputting not only has the visual and auditory motivation, but the notion to follow the regular implementation of hygienic ritual. Today is an attempt to give a child-related forms of hygiene education, as it is safe to show that the quality of cleaning teeth depends on the motivation. The feeling of the smoothness of the teeth, obtained as a result of the professional-oral hygiene, and indication of plaque determines the time, equipment, quality cleaning teeth and are the criteria for self-monitoring It is a feeling of smoothness of the teeth allows the desire to build quality brush your teeth.
Children, their parents, caregivers and teachers should have enough information about the importance of oral hygiene on the diseases of teeth and periodontal tissues, the health, cleanliness and culture, and that this knowledge motivates a timely oral care (treatment, prevention, hygiene) .

Already in 2 years the child should brush their teeth without a dental schegkoy pas ¬ you’re alone and with toothpaste with parents. When you ¬ executing the ritual of oral hygiene should be present elements of ¬ visibility, games and Surprise moments. Cleaning the teeth is carried out once a day, for 2 minutes. If the child begins to capriciously ¬ chat and he has no desire to take care of your teeth, it is better to postpone a fool of Procedure of ¬, children should have the desire and commitment to oral health. 6 – 7 years old child should know the rules of cleaning teeth.
Terms of brushing your teeth:

1. Clean hands takes toothbrush, wash with warm running water.
2. At the bristles of the toothbrush is applied toothpaste.
3. Cavity of the mouth rinse thoroughly with warm boiled water.
4. And only after that the child should begin to «standard method» dentifrice that combines horizontal, vertical ¬ locally and circular motion. Prevail in cleaning teeth should be vertical or sweeping motion.
5. Time dentifrice 3 – 4 minutes, which is 350 – 450 paired movements of the toothbrush on the surfaces of teeth.
6. In the process of cleaning teeth and at the end of the mouth should be rinsed with warm boiled water with fluorine as an elixir.
7. The toothbrush to clean warm running water, lather the bristles to any toilet soap, tooth brush set in a glass head up.
8. Brush my teeth should be 2 times a day, the morning after breakfast and the evening before bedtime.
9. Lifetime toothbrush maximum of 1 month. Brush should be rare, with a curved handle, a small head, bristles artificial.
10. Toothpaste is only therapeutic and prophylactic.
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if you think about it the width of a piece of floss is tiny, so maybe plaque and other crap won’t be able to get in there? so maybe give your gums a litlte slack and maybe not floss so often? Just to throw it out there ?

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