Horror! From silver teeth darken!

Horror! From silver teeth darken!
In the children’s dentistry has been increasingly used as a caries prevention silver teeth. The enamel of children’s teeth is highly susceptible to fracture, so is not particularly strong in comparison with the enamel of permanent teeth, so now silver teeth really widely used to prevent caries process.

Using a cotton swab solution dentist does the necessary teeth 30% silver nitrate solution, thereby creating a protective film on the teeth which is a barrier to bacteria and plaque. This is achieved using the antibacterial properties of silver. Current drugs for silver have higher quality and safety for the body of the child.

The only downside of all this procedure is that after treatment with a solution of the teeth may darken, the risk is very high. Baby teeth maintain their color darkened until the change in their permanent teeth.

Therefore, parents themselves must choose whether to resort to the silver teeth, do not be afraid of whether they are a cosmetic defect, if he suddenly arise. Now modern dentistry offers good quality and delicate treatment of caries of deciduous teeth, insisting waive the processing solution of silver nitrate.
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